Does President Donald Trump need to apologise?

By Gakwerere

From the photos above, What a beautiful Country, DR Congo. That is what some inepts want Donald Trumps to remark about failed states.

And the African Union has lodged a complaint against President Donald Trump for his remarks about shithole Africa. Advising him to retract and apologise……”What the hell, for what? For telling you the truth?”

The AU representative in the UN through his spokeswoman – Ebba Kalondo, said they were alarmed by Trump’s “very racist” comments.

This toothless AU which supports criminal governments all over Africa, has the courage to speak on behalf of the continent. This is an organisation which has never denounced gross human rights abuses taking place in different jurisdictions or lodge complaints about social injustices that is ravaging Africa.

On democracy, we all know that the AU is a club of dictators….the current AU chairman is dictator Paul Kagame of Rwanda, who started his tenure as the chair of this useless organisation this January – 2018.