GOMA (North Kivu capital city) airport under M23 control since early this morning.

According to local sources, MONUSCO would try to defend the city only in support of the governmental forces. It’s not happening! There is panic. Rwanda Defense Forces, RDF, have been nightly deploying more troops (211, 61 and 63 battalions and Special Forces). Sources confirm that M23 and RDF troops could patrol the capital city any time today without firing a single bullet.

This morning 6 buses of MONUSCO troops left Goma for Kigali, officially in routine troops rotation. The coincidence is interesting.

The UN group of experts report highlighted the consequences of the capture of Goma by the Rwanda controlled M23 rebels and the subsequent humanitarian disaster. No strong action was seen to deter the driving force behind this notorious militia. This reveals again the limits of the United Nations in volatile zones. No sanctions against the Rwanda leadership, instead a rotating seat in the UN security council given for 2013-2014! the world we live in is just terrible!

Musangamfura Sixbert



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