Hail professor Kagame – hold him higher

Given the frequency of invitation and the nature of topics that Kagame has been oftentimes called to lecture here – well I have a premonition that this man has turned out to be a good lecturer!

Otherwise, guys tell me exactly what you think, of the fact that this man has frequented the US than anywhere else – not even in Rwanda. Kagame has given many lectures at US universities than any in Rwanda, I am sure of this. Is it that “his kinsmen do not honour the prophet”? Shame on you Rwandan dons! Why do universities in Rwanda not grab that brainier grace and learn from him? Are we that far stupid?

I have thought exceedingly so. Being an alumnus of Yale makes me think that the school is a top notch that summons the best. Seriously I tell you, Yale is one of the best in the USA – being an Evy leaguer is not a joke! Now his Excellency Paul Kagame is chosen to enlighten issues there and every one takes note!! The Evy leaguers take notes profusely. I never knew we hard a germ in our midst.

Today I declare with due respect that all of you “hail professor Kagame – hold him higher as he gets distinguished to high-end economist revered in the whole of USA! From Harvard to Princeton! From MIT to Yale! From Brown Univ to Stanford! Who is better? Hail this top grade professor from my land. Lads in the US, shut up! Let my pres give you brain that is what you want and you gotta love it, yah!

I’m not mean like you squirrels over there! I am being sincere and ask you to be. There is a lotta we can learn from this man – an ex-bush war cum war-lord who scored a grade to professoring in the US universities! Hail the US! Hail our man! Hail those Univ which know what is best from amongst us!

I warn you, please don’t trash your kinsman! He is doing fine! Most of you here are dying hungry to preach in a synagogue or a Sunday school. Most of you cannot give a sensible talk to each other! And yet you are holding countless degrees – some in your bags others in your lockers and pockets! Don’t you have some in your latrines as well? Hahaaaa! But you will not get an invitation from Yale! Never from Harvard Business School! So, acknowledge our man as he gets one after another – he is a magnificent economist!

I warn you, the man worked hard to become such an excellent professor. He haven’t published loose chapters in books, no journal articles to his name and well you named it – no books at allbut. But he made it to professorship. He is a genius.

I like Kagame – the darling of the West (Claire Short)! This ex-british stateswoman was on the bucks! Surprised!? Hahaaa his kinsmen do not honour the prophet! Hail Kagame the Lecturer! The brainier! The trainer of top notch Wazungus in top notch Wazungus’ Universities! Come on!! Let go!!

Theogene Karenzi