Dr Charles Kambanda’s reaction on the New RNC’s declaration on Genocide against Hutu

Charles KM Kambanda, PhD.

The author of the piece was Kagame’s strong man during and after the massacres some people wrongly call Tutsi genocide. Dr. Rudasingwa was the first RPF Secretary General.

I raised the following issues in reaction to Dr. Theogene Rudasingwa et al submission:

Genocide has a specific period ( at least the starting time). I wish the authors of the paper stated the time when what they call Hutu genocide started.

I have issues with the assertion that downing Habyariman plane by the Tutsi ( Kagame and his assassins) triggered genocide by the Hutu. Yes. There is not a grain of doubt in my mind that Kagame and his assassins downed Habyarimana plane!! These two things are incompatible, technically.

How can genocide be triggered by an unplanned event on the side of the perpetrators, making the unplanned event the ” but for” the massacres. This is strange at law.

How can the ” but for” be of an innocent and  victim party? Honestly, such massacres wouldn’t be called genocide.

Massacres that can properly be called genocide must have been planned long before they happened and those massacres must happen as and when planned.

Yes, I am convinced that the 1994 massacres were triggered by the downing of Habyarimana plane and those massacres were perpetrated by different groups, including RPF. Those massacres ( the 1994 massacres) are wrongly called Tutsi genocide! RPF Tutsi genocide propaganda is not sustainable.

Let’s consider:

Did these genocide occur concurrently ? If the two ” genocides” did not occur concurrently, which one occurred first and which one came last? Who/which – ethnic group ( Hutu vs Tutsi) – committed those two genocides?

Without this specific info, we could end up talking a lot about nothing, at least technically!!!

Dr Charles Kambanda