Has The Kagame Regime Gone Mad?

Col Dr Ben Karenzi

The term “mad” is variously defined, including “having or showing severe mental illness;” “unable to think in a clear manner;” “disordered in mind;” and “completely unrestrained by reason and judgment.”

Do you remember the story of Colonel Dr Ben Karenzi? Karenzi, who was retired from public services, was travelling to Nairobi as a private citizen. After boarding the aircraft, the Kagame regime ordered Karenzi to disembark. Karenzi refused to do so. The tense standoff delayed the Nairobi-bound flight by nearly one hour.

On his return to Rwanda, Karenzi was arrested. He has spent at least 2 months in illegal detention without trial.

Then, there is the strange case of Madam Jeannette Nyiramongi, wife of President Paul Kagame. Nyiramongi had become her husband’s deputy president – daily featuring on the front of The New Times. She now seems to have mysteriously gone off the air. Where Is Nyiramongi?

The last time she appeared in public was on Golden Jubilee of Mothers’ Union, in Kigali on July 31, 2016.

Are these not signs of madness?

David Himbara