Kagame Is Left With Four Godfathers – Preacher Rick Warren Jumped Ship

Five American and British highly influential personalities constitute Kagame’s most diehard supporters – Bill Clinton, Senator Jim Inhofe, Tony Blair, Howard Buffet, and Rick Warren.

But it has come to light that Kagame is left with four godfathers – the American preacher Rick Warren has jumped ship. Events in 2015 initially hinted the split. The August 2015 conference in which Warren was to showcase Rwanda’s development achievements failed to take off. Warren had justified the August 2015 Rwanda Conference as follows:

“most nations are validated by their strength in exports; Rwanda can become famous for exporting leadership…Rwanda should be the leadership and innovation capital of the continent of Africa. That is why I am calling leaders from across the continent to come to Rwanda next year to learn. The strength of Rwanda is not in the ground; it’s in the people.”

The conference never happened. Further, Rick Warren was a no show in Rwanda on February 20, 2016 at the annual prayer breakfast he normally attends.

Fast-forward to September 4, 2016. This is the day a Rwandan bishop, Alex Birindabagabo, dropped a bombshell.

Birindangabo, who is the local representative of Warren’s Peace Plan, thanked God that he (Warren) is no longer showing up in Rwanda. In an interview in Igihe.com* Birindangabo further asserted that whenever Warren comes to Rwanda he takes credit for everything – even though he (Warren) no longer contributes a single cent.

Game over – Bishop Birindangabo would not dare trash Warren without approval from the Rwandan dictator Kagame. It is more likely that instructions to embarrass Warren came from the top. That is how Rwanda works. Moreover, we know that Warren had already abandoned the ship in 2015.

The more interesting questions are:

1) Why and when did Warren dump Kagame?

2) Of the four remaining Kagame’s godfathers, who will jump ship next?


David Himbara