Help the British police identify criminals among Rwanda Day participants

This is an apparent appeal that emerges from the correspondence that organizers of the protest against Rwandan president Paul Kagame at the occasion of Rwanda Day UK planned for Saturday May 18th have exchanged with the British police in recent days.

Back in 2011, two British residents of Rwandan origin were warned by the police that the Rwandan government had sent them serious threats and it was advising them to be very cautious. One of the warnings read like this

Reliable intelligence states that the Rwandan government poses an imminent threat to your life. The threat could come in any form. You should be aware of other high profile cases where action such as this has been conducted in the past. Conventional and unconventional means have been used.

Further to this sad precedent, the organizing committee of the protest against the presence of the Rwandan president in the UK took the initiative of raising their fears for the exiled Rwandan community should Rwanda Day go ahead as planned. They for example relayed information received from a gathering hosted by the Rwandan Ambassador in UK, Mr William Nkurunziza where he highlighted that

 “… everything should be done to get rid of those who tarnish the image of Rwanda”, referring here to all those who do not agree with Kagame’s authoritarian approach to managing Rwanda.”

The Metropolitan Police wrote back saying that their responsibilities for security and public order were paramount and required from them to seek all reliable information to help them do their job effectively, while acknowledging that President Kagame was a public figure who divides opinion and that they understood peoples’ concerns.

We do appreciate your concerns regarding the possibility of dangerous individuals operating in London. 

If you have any specific information in relation to this, we would be very interested in hearing from you, in order that we can keep the people of London safe.

It is an undeniable fact that among Kagame’s supporters spread across Europe and other parts of the world there are some who are on criminal missions. Evidence of their actions are numerous: many Rwandan journalists, politicians and business people have been killed in the past while in exile on the orders of the president’s intelligence services. Inyenyeri News pointed this week on the latest tactics being used to get to the potential targets.

A car of a Londoner activist of Rwandan origin was stolen then vandalized this week as well. Though the police helped finding it, suspicions for that criminal act point to that group of Kagame’s operatives aimed at intimidating, harassing and destabilizing any structured opposition to his dictatorial and criminal rule.

As anyone should understand, Kagame is guided by a criminal mind. While he is touring the world re-branding his image after being tarnished by his now proven support of the Congolese rebel group M23, we also learnt that on Friday 10thMay, he sent 840 Rwandan soldiers to reinforce the rebellion ahead of any confrontation with the UN brigade of intervention.

In order to counter his criminal activities, the British police appeal to British residents of Rwandan origin to point to the police anyone they know or suspect to be part of his killing squads.

It was even suggested by some members of the exiled Rwandan community that at the occasion of Rwanda Day that those who would attend the event be identified and their names and photographs put forward to the police for screening and proper assessment.

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