London:The Troxy to be hosting Kagame day!

We have learned that they have applied for a dozen of halls and venue’s to hold this event but all have declined due to the controversy surrounding this president. A few hours ago they managed to locate a hall that is kept in secret due to being afraid of meeting with the protesters who are also flowing from the corners of Europe. There are Congolese and Rwandan opposition groups protesting in oxford and London.

Late this evening we have learned of the most likely venue for this event. The Troxy, an art deco theatre and concert venue appears to be hosting this event. We will continue to confirm this information and update all registered protesters via email as to the final location. The Troxy is located at 490 Commercial Road in Stepney, in the East End borough of Tower Hamlets, London, UK. This venue is no stranger to controversial protests and cancellations on the part of the venue. For example, The Troxy was criticised by some local residents after hosting a conference for Islamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir in 2009. In 2010 the management cancelled a similar meeting at the request of Tower Hamlets Council; the English Defence League had planned a demonstration outside, but this was also called off. So far this is the most likely venue. The information we have is as follows:
Dear all,
Please note that all participants to Rwanda Day will have to register at the following address for their badges (compulsory):
Registration Venue:
73 Kings Ave, London, UK SW4 8DX
Event Venue:
The Troxy
490 Commercial Road,
London, UK E1 0HX
Please share these addresses with coach drivers and those who will use their own transport means.
Thank you.
Rwanda Embassy in London


  1. If you want to see the true Kagame regime and the plight of Rwandan refugees, please go here and watch the film “Stateless”:

    If you agree, please sign the petition to stop the cessation from starting! IT WILL BE IN PLACE BY END OF JUNE 2013. SPREAD THE WORD!

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