Here Is Why Paul Kagame Never Attended Museveni’s Inauguration Ceremony

The relations between Rwanda and Uganda have lately been a matter media all over the globe has found difficulty in contending with, they have failed to diagnose the bottom line of issues perturbing the two East African States. However, midst the rising dust, one thing remains true, and this is the fact that matters between Uganda and Rwanda are nothing worthy writing home about.

The two countries are colliding, soldiers are captured, boarders are closed, Individuals are deported and sanctions are looming all over the place, Rwanda says Uganda is no longer safe for Rwandans and political tensions are stretching to the extent where one would wonder whether Rwanda is safe for Ugandans anymore. Surprisingly, the two presidents always comment less on the matter and efforts to resolve the issues have always fallen in disarray.

During a recent Interview with France 24, HE. Paul Kagame was asked to comment on the tension between Uganda and his country, Kagame accepted the fact that misunderstandings have existed and also accepted the fact that the two countries have had efforts to resolve these misunderstandings.

” we suffer from being a small country and those who think are slightly bigger than us think that we should be getting matching orders from them, but we’ re also good at telling people that they should leave us alone, we want to grapple with our own problems and manage our problems. We can work very well with people but we don’ t want people to give us orders or to shape us the way they want, whether it is Uganda or even bigger countries those who think they can tell us do this, this is what is good for you, do that or you must listen to me because of this. And we are very polite people as well, we tell them politely that no, that’ s not going to happen, but sometimes people want to force it to happen and that’ s where problems come up, but we are always looking forward to resolving whatever problems we have with anybody as you see we are making good progress with France, why not with Uganda or any other country that we may have some problems with so that’ s the way it is. ” Kagame explained.

However, Kagame’ s counterpart, HE. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa has remained as silent as a grave on all issues pertaining to the tension between the two East African states. The President has not come out so clearly on the matter.

Opinion by Ahimbisibwe Rogers