History of Bingo: One aspect of the game that has been forgotten

Bingo is said to have been around since before 1927 with the majority of the game being elements that we would recognise today.  With many similarities to the game that we are all used to playing whether we play Bingo Mummy via attending a Bingo Hall or through playing online, the differences are not great at all.

It may surprise you to learn that one of the biggest differences between the original Bingo game and the one we know today is actually linked to the name itself.  But what is the reason for this and is this the only difference? 

Bingo Beans

One of the biggest differences between today’s Bingo game and the original version is that of the name. This is because initially, the game was called Beano, back in 1927 Atlanta, when the game toured around the carnivals to entertain people as it moved around the different States.

It is said to have been called Beano for one of two different reasons.  Firstly, because the original game was not played with money as a betting stake but was instead played with beans.  Secondly, when the game was played, an excited player accidentally shouted “Beano!” instead of Bingo when he realised that he had won.  This name stuck, and due to the fact that the game was played with beans, it sort of made sense! 

Bingo Without Beans

However, as times have moved on, Bingo has not been played with beans for the best part of a century, with players deciding that the game would be much more interesting if money was involved. 

Though there was a limit as to how much each player was allowed to place on their Bingo bet, this method of Bingo playing has been stuck to ever since.  Bingo remains a game where money is used to place a bet, but this is done through purchasing a ticket and the winnings are award through financial means.

This is rather fortunate as beans are neither common nor particularly advantageous to the majority of people in modern-day terms. 

Popular Bingo

The majority of people who play Bingo now, tend to do so via the internet.  This can be done on specialist sites or via a mobile gaming app.  Due to its ease of use, accessibility and convenience, the number of players participating in this ever-popular game seems to be increasing as the years go on.

Despite there not being any big changes to the game itself, the way in which we play the game is often modernised so as to keep up with the times.  The biggest changes in this area are the fact that Bingo is played with money, is most commonly played online and that it is controlled now by a Random Number Generator, unlike when it first came about.

An RNG ensures that the much-loved game of Bingo remains fair and of an equal winning chance to every player that participates.  It also prevents any cheating from being able to occur.