Kagame’s official diagnosis: Acute Suicidal Schizophrenia

Kagame presenting his candidacy papers at the National Electoral Commission, June 22, 2017

Ever since he was diagnosed some years ago, Kagame’s suicidal schizophrenia (explained below) is so advanced that medications can no longer control it. He has been delusional and lives in his own reality. Even Kabarebe, his beloved wife Jeanette (his closest partners in crime) have no idea how to advise him anymore. His handling of Uganda-Rwanda relations by closing the border, dismissal of senior army officers, thoughtless government reshuffles, serial executions of critical voices (Kizito Mihigo is a recent example), using dull genocide laws (ideology, denial, revisionism) to silence Rwandans, taking hostages of all Rwandans, and turning ordinary career Rwandans, mostly Tutsis with the help of Imbuto Foundation) into social spies (starting at nyumbakumi level) and counterintelligence against fellow spies inside the country and abroad. They mastered the covert ops 4Ds: Deny, disrupt, degrade, deceive. 

Was our leader misdiagnosed? 

Thanks to a colleague who leaked the diagnosis a few years ago (known as Innocent), I am sad to let him know that Kagame’s condition got worse as of 2020. I paused and thought about it all from 1982 to present. I presumed his ruthless tactics were devilish. Some heinous acts like brutally killing innocent Ugandans after Museveni’s triumph, involvement in Fred Rwigyema’s assassination, preplanned massacres of Hutus, Twas and Tutsis (Francophone Tutsis and Banyamulenge in 1990-1998) in Rwanda and DR Congo; serial killings of the critics or perceived critics, etc. were no accident. While he was helped by his henchmen and women (Patrick Nyamvumba, Sam Kaka, Jack Nziza, Dan Munyuza, James Kabarebe, Fred Ibingira, Kayumba Nyamwasa, Rose Kabuye, Frank Mugambage, Jackson Rwahama, and so many others), he has always been the mastermind, behind the curtains as an angel of light. The innocent and not-so-innocent victims like Rwigyema, were brutally murdered by Kagame’s inner circle. His view of reality as we see it is slanted by his advanced schizophrenic disease. He is so sick. 

The RPF two main objectives have been to seize (and safeguard) the country at all costs by maintaining power, and virtually eliminate, uproot and cleanse all Rwandan Hutu population from Rwanda land—to create a Hutu-free Rwanda. The plan has been crafted for so many years. The western donors and unsuspecting loyal Tutsis became sympathetic to the cause. Unfortunately, many Tutsis were sacrificed, and the rest of us joined the RPA, participated in killing our clansmen (fellow Tutsis), our Hutu family friends of longtime in many parts of Mother Rwanda. Was genocide a false flag operation? We know our guilt, but we enjoy a temporary protection as long as he is president. How can a rational leader murder his loyal personal physician of 14 years (Dr. Emmanuel Gasakure)? Did we blindly follow a suicidal schizophrenic? One difference Kagame has from other schizophrenics, psychopaths and bloodthirsty tyrants like Hitler is his evil ingenuity: leaving little to no evidence, manipulating poor Rwandans that they begged him to lead forever: Our Mzee is the brother of Jesus. What an insult to the son of God!

What is suicidal schizophrenia and how does it affect KAGAME?

Quoting Innocent’s statement “Schizophrenia is a chronic severe mental disorder that affects how a person thinks, feels, and behaves. It also involves intense, anxious or fearful feelings and thoughts often related to persecution, threat, or conspiracy”. It can be delusional, when irrational thoughts and beliefs become so fixed that nothing can convince a person that what they think, or feel is not true. The schizophrenic person has paranoia, is delusional with intense and irrational mistrust or suspicion, which can bring a sense of fear, anger, and betrayal, hypervigilance, difficulty with forgiveness, defensive attitude in response to imagined criticism, preoccupation with hidden motives, fear of being deceived or taken advantage of, inability to relax, and feeling suicidal (in 80% of male patients): 

Our beloved ruthless and fearless leader is at the suicidal stage. This stage is hard to treat. The symptoms progressed to irritability, hostility, lack of emotions, no remorse and suicidal ideation. 

Kagame’s background is at first emotional. Growing up as a refugee at a tender age is traumatic. His body structure (being tall and too tiny) might have affected his self-esteem and behavior. Was he really ridiculed by his peers (Museveni, Rwigyema and Ugandans?). Kagame suffered from low education complex and was determined to prove himself by eliminating all his critics / political dissents as a defense mechanism. He used elusive violence to silence and eliminate his fellow combatants (do not be surprised if his next victim is James Kabarebe, Emmanuel Gasana, Kazura, or why not Dan Munyuza or even Jack Nziza)? He was nicknamed Pilato in Uganda for a reason. Kagame believes in his own delusional reality that he is the only hero who stopped Genocide. Or is he? James Kabarebe will agree. Why? He might skip tonight’s slapping by Kagame. 

Some recent examples of Kagame’s disease progression are the way he has been handling the border impasse between Uganda and Rwanda. It happened in 2017 and again in 2019 till today. President Museveni has been patient, rational (though he has his own war crimes and mistreatment of Baganda) whereas Kagame has been paranoid and narcissistic. He even ignored that Museveni pitied him by putting him in command of RPA when Rwigyema suddenly passed away. Kagame created conflicts with other neighboring countries (Burundi, DR Congo, Tanzania). 

Rwanda is sitting on a time bomb

In his distorted reality, Kagame hates any advice that contradicts his slanted beliefs. For example, he severed bilateral relationships with France, Germany, Burundi, and many others simply when they commented on his manipulation of economic statistics, war crimes in Rwanda and Congo, tyranny and silencing the critics (no political space). The fear that he instilled in Rwandans – the freedom of speech remains a dream for 30 years – taking them hostage in their own country; the social spying policy using the Intore (former bakada) and of course CID/RIB officers, imposing stringent farming rules (dictating what and where to farm, the farmer has no choice of agricultural crops), etc. will catch up on him. Wait for Rwanda Spring in the making. His extremist and paranoid policies will not save him. His high command unit’s republican guards will not protect him. James Kabarebe will run away.  

It is time to force Kagame to be hospitalized in an acute mental health facility and get out of Village Urugwiro. We should reserve a presidential suite at King Faysal Hospital for neuropsychiatric disorders. His suicidal and paranoid schizophrenia is acute. It has been affecting his reasoning and judgment. Rwanda is under military dictatorship. Everyone is scared, trembling. The martyrdom of the Rwandans afflicts humanity. I asked God, how can a person like Kagame be in power for all these years? How could you allow it if you love Rwandans? Kagame needs medications. He is NOT fit to lead anybody, not even his family. No one could advise a psychopath and schizophrenic person like Kagame. Not even Jeannette Nyiramongi. Kagame is worse than Adolf Hitler, but he is NOT untouchable. The Almighty God still delicately listens to our prayers (Tutsis, Hutus and Twas). The Lord is angry at you, Kagame, your intelligence (CID, currently RIB) and the RPF because you play God. You take innocent lives as you wish. Let’s strengthen our prayer circle for one purpose: The end of RPF and its architect, KAGAME. 

Thank you,

Bella Burasa