How do mileage blockers work?

For many individuals, mileage is associated with the main factor determining a vehicle’s value and lifespan. Each auto manufacturer provides data that states how many miles the car lasts. For that reason, any buyer tries to get a vehicle with a lower mileage date for longer and comfortable rides. Due to the importance of mileage, any owner wishes to have reliable data on the odometer. 

Unsurprisingly, you will find dozens of odometer tools with different names and features. In a big variety, it is hard to make a choice and choose the best tool that can be ethical and reliable at the same time. Some devices are meant for correcting existing data, while others simply stop counting mileage. Below we will review in detail mileage blockerfrom SuperKilometerFilter.comand compare it to other correction tools. 

Speedometer Correction tool vs Mileage Blocker

You can easily find any kind of odometer tool on the market. Most of them sound quite attractive, offering speedometer correction, mileage reset, rollback, reprogramming, etc. Sometimes mileage blocker is referred to as a speedometer correction tool as well, but there is a big difference between them. Mileage blockerfrom is the only ethical way to stop counting kilometers on the odometer. Compared to the speedometer correction tool, it doesn’t change any existing data on the odometer. 

Be aware, software that can change current data on your car might cause you additional issues! 

What does the odometer blocker do?

You will find a mileage blocker with other names. It is also referred to as odometer blocker, mileage stopper, kilometer stopper, can filter, etc. The odometer blocker from is meant for stopping the mileage in a car while testing its performance. Once you detach the tool, the odometer continues counting miles as usual. 

Is it legal to use a mileage stopper?

Since the mileage stopper doesn’t change any data on the odometer and is meant for testing purposes, you can use it legally! offers only ethical mileage stopper tools for your car. 

Kilometer stopper specifications

The plug-and-play module enables you to use the kilometer stopper several times as needed. Compared to other odometer tools, it avoids error messages on the speedometer or navigation panel. Also, it always maintains the last applied settings. Hence, you don’t have to change the settings before starting a car next time.

Mileage blocker compatibility

The mileage blocker from works on a diesel-gasoline engine, as well as, Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) and Electric cars. The tool works perfectly whether your automobile counts mileage in miles or kilometers. Besides, the mileage blocker software is created specifically for each brand and model. For that reason, there is no chance not to find an appropriate tool for your vehicle. 

Mileage programmer installation

For installing a mileage programmer, you don’t need to have any experience in maintenance. No soldering or cutting wires are required. You can simply plug it between the port of the speedometer and the instrument cluster and that’s it! 


After reading all the above-mentioned information, it’s clear why I’d advise you to use a mileage blocker instead of other devices. Now you know how it works, what unique specifications it has, and how simple the installation is. I’m sure you will find the appropriate tool for your car at