The coronavirus is a global pandemic. Growing numbers of deaths is recorded in the world everyday. Most countries have suffered drastic economic meltdown. Many aspects of our everyday life now evolve around the health and safety guidelines put in place by the government. To stay safe, most of the working population now work from their homes. These changing times have shone a spotlight on some particularly helpful resources, like cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies have helped to provide relief and support to families and individuals that have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The Red cross bitcoin fundraiser, a coronavirus relief initiative is one the programme of crypto companies that has helped to cushion the crushing effects of the virus.

Cryptocurrency is simply digital currency. The value of cryptocurrency does not change because it is not controlled by any government. Crypto gaming is utilizing blockchain or digital currencies in the gaming industry, either for betting or playing online casino games. So many people in the world play video games and online casino games as a means to connect with each other, reduce stress, create excitement and provide entertainment. Casino games can be used for connecting with others, learning and teaching, and even understanding ourselves better.

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 Crypto companies are enjoying a very huge turnover and investment. Currently, so many people play casino games and bet on games with crypto coins generated for gaming through platforms like Enjin(ENJ), Funfair Network(FUN), RevolutionVR (RVR), GameCredits (GAME) and Decentraland (MANA). With the economic failings of the centralized systems, cryptocurrency has truly excelled as the best way to secure your money and assets. Gaming with cryptocurrency can provide support and aids to most countries of the world in the fight against COVID-19 in the following ways; 

Fundraising campaigns

The value of cryptocurrency has increased in recent days. The contribution of crypto-companies has helped in the fight against coronavirus.  

“Crypto vs. COVID-19” campaign is one of the ways crypto-gaming companies generate funds for the provision of aids in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. Players can donate the unused loyal reward they receive from 42 core milestones, with rewards unlocked over time depending on the players’ wagers, without spending money. Over $100,000 dollars have been generated from bitcasino alone, an online cryptocurrency casino company. Bitcoin partnered with some charities to carry out this positively overwhelming fundraising campaign. 

Binance is another cryptocurrency company that has provided aid to the government in the fight against coronavirus. Binance charity recently initiated a $5 million coronavirus relief campaign called “Crypto Against Covid”. Most gamers can easily donate money from the cash they make from online casino games that are in the form of bitcoin in their binance wallet. The contribution by these gamers is used to provide basic health supplies for hospitals in affected countries. In China alone, Binance charity has donated over 300,000 pairs of gloves, 50000 nose masks, more than 18000 test kits, 170 barrels of disinfectants, over 350 oxygen concentrators and 7800 protective suits to over 300 hospitals. 

Also, some cryptocurrency online casinos recently partnered with Italian red cross to establish a bitcoin fundraiser. Most gamers who have a growing bitcoin wallet can easily contribute some funds in the fight against COVID-19. These funds can be used in building and equipping medical centers.

Corona Fund Index Cryptocurrency (CFIX) is a fundraising campaign in the fight against COVID-19. Hashcash Consultants launched the campaign to raise funds for individuals and families affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Hashcash has also provided funds from the Corona Fund Index Cryptocurrency (CFIX) campaign to support research programmes aimed at finding the cure of coronavirus.

Cryptocurrency does not lose its value because of its decentralized system. If most online casino companies ensure that cryptocurrency is used as the medium of exchange for playing games, it will help to raise more funds for the fight against coronavirus.

Providing job opportunities

The coronavirus has affected the world negatively. Apart from the negative health impacts like increase in number of deaths and the mounting pressure on the health systems, COVID-19 has brought severe economic meltdowns on almost all the companies and institutions in the world. Most people have lost their jobs, and due to safety reasons, most of the remaining workers have been forced to work from home. Crypto-gaming companies can provide work for the people that are currently left with no source of income. Since more people play games everyday, job opportunities can be opened by crypto-gaming companies in crypto-currency management, crypto digital marketing, crypto-gaming software designing and crypto gaming analysis. The employees can work from the comfort of their homes due to the centralized networks these companies put in place. Crypto-gaming will help to provide more jobs for people cushioning the negative impact of job loss as a result of the global pandemic.

Providing processing power

Gaming processing units can be offered by crypto-gaming companies, to provide enough processing power to run simulation tools in research companies that are finding treatment against the virus. For example, the largest Ethereum miner in the US, CoreWeave has provided 6,000 graphics processing units(GPUs) to Stanford University’s Folding@home research. Some gaming processors are installed to increase the video quality of gaming sites. CoreWeave have donated these extra processors to Folding@home research to provide more processing power to their research efforts.

Coronavirus has indeed changed the world. So many companies have provided aid and support to the government in the fight against coronavirus. Cryptocurrency companies have contributed immensely in this fight. Online casino and sport betting companies must ensure cryptocurrency is used as a medium of exchange. The increase in the number of crypto-gamers will allow more funds to be raised for the provision of medical equipment and supplies to the health sector. The growing number of investors will also allow Job opportunities by crypto-gaming companies to open up in crypto-currency management, crypto digital marketing and crypto gaming software design. Finally, by offering enough game processors to boost research efforts, crypto-gaming companies will provide a massive help to the government in the fight against coronavirus.