How to Build Organic Backlink Profile

By looking at the article’s title, you may have wondered already: why do I need organic backlinks at all? For starters, here is a fact to consider: as the recent research by Ahrefs clearly indicated, 90.63% of pages get visitors from every else but Google!

Unbelievable, isn’t it? The most powerful search engine attracts only minor traffic to your website while most find you by clicking backlinks.  That’s precisely what is called organic traffic, with the ultimate goal of designing and implementing a backlink strategy.

Let’s Build an Organic Backlink Profile, Shall We?

An organic backlink profile is a description of all websites that contain links to yours. But hopefully not just any of them, but credible websites with high rankings, because if they have backlinks to your website, it means that they treat it as credible.    

This brings pleasant bonuses: first of all, in the higher ranking of your website. Google, Yandex, and other search engines constantly monitor those already high ranked and well-indexed web resources for everything new.

That is what crawling and indexing are about. If the websites with backlinks leading to yours are recognized as credible, this means that your website also seems trustworthy.

Recognition of your credibility increases even further with more backlinks discovered by search engines, so is your ranking. With that in mind, the following is probably the right question to ask – how to increase the number of web resources to place your backlinks at?

If You Want Something Done Right, You’ve Got to Do It Yourself?

A widely accepted point of view, but not always true. Especially, it turns out to be not valid in the case of backlink profile building at the early stages of business development where you simply lack dedicated resources. Only a professional backlink service has enough capacity to handle producing dozens of catchy and valuable articles to be later published on relevant resources.

Keep in mind, though, that not all outsourcing of backlink building services turns out a brilliant experience. Sometimes, applying for professional help with finding more top-ranked resources for backlink placement costs thousands of dollars per month, although with ambiguous benefits.  

Bad outsourcing experience brings into attention the most obvious reasons for failure in choosing the right agency:

  • Simply not knowing how to write texts well enough;
  • Publication on not so credible and unpopular resources;
  • Publication on resources which may be trustworthy but simply irrelevant to your business;
  • Prices too high to match doubtful quality of service.

What Are the Main Tips for Building an Organic Backlink Profile?

Those above were like bad recommendations not to follow, whether doing organic backlink profile building on your own, or hiring someone else to do that for you. What are the good ones then?

  1. First of all, know the pages of your website you want to attract visitors to. Their content determines the relevance factor of external backlink resources. 

It is not professional service’s sole fault in setting backlinks on irrelevant websites, but also yours – for not being able to demonstrate clearly what your business is about!

  1. Specific content development. Backlinks are not simply attached to nothing! Backlink building requires writing specifically for that purpose. 

That’s one of the main reasons why outsourcing is necessary for some instances and why progressive organizations hold separate budgets for that: you need experienced writers as a part of your staff!

  1. Having scalable backlink building strategy to follow. That’s what you pay monthly for backlink service. Maybe it is not tailored to your organization’s specific needs, but their strategy is universal, grounded upon relationships with many industries, and has been likely tested in practice for years.

Scalability, as a strategy’s characteristic, is an important factor. Some professional backlink building services consult their clients on a better approach in case they do not fully comprehend all of their industry’s specifics.

Yet another problematic nuance with strategy is building organic backlinks to pages just not suitable for that purpose, like commercial ones. A challenging task to accomplish, it requires knowledge and experience, available either in-home or on outsource. 

  1. Training and continuous professional development. Because finding a working strategy is such a hard task to accomplish, it requires a knowledgeable team. . 

With outsourcing, you may at least hope to find one (although the example we referred to earlier shows it’s not always the case). With internal organic backlink building, you need your staff to be perfectly aware of all the important nuances.

  1. Finding partners to work with. Another good reason why to apply for professional services externally – unless you may do that yourself. You’ll get it even on your own, sooner or later. 

A reputable financial news portal will inevitably attract partners to exchange backlinks with. But in the beginning, it is usually a bit different.

What Did We Learn About Building Organic Backlink Profiles?

No matter how easy it could all sound initially, finding external websites to place backlinks that will bring you visitors is the essence of building organic backlink profiles. To describe it in one sentence – linkbuilding a complicated task that requires a holistic approach. Whether to ask for external support depends on many factors, including your finances and internal resources availability.

New companies rarely have budgets large enough to afford a team of experienced backlink builders on outsourcing. Neither have they already trained a sophisticated team internally, so they have to choose something in between. 

Still requiring access to potential partners from the same industry to exchange backlinks with, it is better for them to train in-house writers because no one else knows the tiny nuances of your business better.