How to choose the right bathroom sink?

The bathroom sink is usually associated with grace and lightness. This is a plumbing for aesthetics, it is chosen according to the style of the project, and becomes the pearl of the interior. Here we carry out daily hygiene, put ourselves in order before and after a hard day.

The design of the sink needs to be well thought out in order to fit into the framework of beauty and practicality. A modern bathroom sink must necessarily provide a place for the necessary accessories and cosmetics. And many people like to install furniture and a mirror next to it. How can you fit everything in one model and what should it be in order not to regret your choice?

Manufacturing material

Despite the abundance of designer models, first of all, it is worth choosing a sink that is comfortable, practical and reliable. This means that it must be made of high-quality material and be made in the optimal comfortable size. Most often, sinks are made from the following materials:

·         Ceramic sinks are the most common choice with an affordable price and a wide range of models. The most expensive sinks are made from porcelain. They look sophisticated and elegant – a real decoration for any bathroom. But there are also more budgetary ones – earthenware. They are cheaper, but they look no less attractive.

·         Stone sinks are presented on the market with artificial and natural materials. A model made of real granite or marble looks very expensive and presentable, that’s a fact. But its price is also relatively high. More affordable, but no less interesting are sinks made of artificial material, completely imitating natural stone.

·         Glass sinks – they seem to be specially created to inspire the atmosphere, make it relaxed, light, fresh and light. Colored and transparent glass effectively plays with tints in any bathroom. It is better to choose a cabinet under the sink made of wood or other natural material.

Determine the size

Which sink is better for the bathroom will directly suggest such a simple criterion as the project area. The math in this case is simple – for small bathrooms, choose compact models that can perform several useful functions at the same time. And for large, spacious bathrooms, feel free to buy luxury designer sinks.

A small vessel bowl sink is not at all bad, as it might seem at first glance. Even in a modest bowl, you can easily wash your face and hands. Among the options, you can choose a corner model, a semicircular or quadrature sink above the washing machine. This installation method saves space, and rationally uses the free space above the washing machine.

If you are not limited in space, it is worth starting from the most comfortable parameters of the bowl, namely, a width of 40-70 cm and a depth of 30-60 cm. The sink can be wide and narrow – at your discretion, but it is worth remembering that with a narrow small sink there is the likelihood of sprinkling water on the floor, and splashing while washing.