How to gain free Instagram followers: 5 tricks and tips

We cannot ignore that investing in Instagram ads – those with the “Learn More” button – or in apps to gain followers can help a lot of people who want to make an extra income with their profile on Instagram. On the other hand, it is not always possible to invest in these services, especially if you are just starting. But how to gain free Instagram followers?

Despite the recent declines in the reach of posts, it is still possible to cultivate a base of followers for your profile without spending money. As your number of followers evolves, we recommend that you consider setting aside a budget to boost your profile and increase your chance of doing new business.

While that day is not yet over, get your hands dirty to make your profile rock with these tricks and tips on how to gain followers on Instagram for free!

1. Optimize your biography
The first thing you will do when creating an Instagram account is to set up a bio about yourself. Choosing a username, profile picture, a brief description and a link to your website are some of the information you should enter.

Don’t think that just putting a picture of yourself and writing anything will be enough, because it isn’t!

Although simple, optimizing your bio will make it easier to find it on Instagram searches. So try to use your own name or that of your brand.

If you want to teach your followers how they can make money online daily, for example, put something like “I teach entrepreneurs how to run a business on the internet”, or “I show people how to make extra income from web services”.

Also, try to put at least one hashtag in that space. It must be related to your work area and have a certain popularity. If you still don’t know a lot about hashtags, check out this list we made with the 250 most popular hashtags on Instagram to get started.

2. Learn how to have post ideas

Consistency is the most important skill for anyone who wants to live content on social media. Therefore, learning how to have post ideas easily is essential to set up your schedule and keep constant content on your profile.

To get more ideas, carry a notepad or note-taking app with you and put them in the file whenever you have a new idea. Still not sure how to get started?

Then write down these Instagram post ideas that we showed in the article!

3. Try GetInsta-an app to get free Instagram followers

GetInsta is an app that you can use on Windows, Android, and iOS system. It enables you to get free Instagram followers and free Instagram likes with a short time with easy steps. Follow the steps below to get 1000 free Instagram followers trial

  • Download the GetInsa and sigh up an account for it
  • Add the Instagram account for which you need the followers and likes
  • Earn digital coins by doing tasks
  • Publish task to specify how many followers and like you need

Try GetInsta now to get free followers for Instagramand make your account to become famous on Instagram. 

4. Create a content calendar with these ideas

Do you know the tip we just gave about writing down every post idea you have? It is to that calendar that they will go. In it, you can program when you will produce the post and when you will schedule your publication.

Having an organized posting schedule is recommended for the following reasons:

1 – You will not be lost without knowing what to post;

2 – You will know when you need to search for new post ideas;

3 – You have more space to create your posts calmly, without having to do something wrong and done.

So don’t underestimate the good old agenda. Or, if you prefer, you can check out these apps to schedule posts on Instagram to keep track of your posts.

5. Study the best time to post on Instagram
You will see several miracle formulas about the ideal time to schedule your posts on Insta. Don’t believe them.

There is no better fixed time to post. That time depends on the habits of your audience and there is only one way to know the best time to post on Instagram: testing!

Instagram’s metrics tools can help you with this task, as it analyzes the times and days of the week when your followers are most active. Evaluate these times and start changing your schedule according to the results you are achieving.

If you have a considerable following in other countries, it is also necessary to consider the time zone in your planning. In this way, you will be able to reach those who are in your native country and your international followers.