How to Shop for the Best Wig

There may be several reasons you might need a wig: medical issues, to avoid natural hair loss, for a costume party, to change your look etc. We can find many types of wigs in the market, from those made with real hair and that once worn look like natural hair, up to the cheapest wigs to use for Carnival, made with the least expensive synthetic materials. 

Choosing the best wigs is not a very simple thing, given the many models on the market. There are so many online and mainstream outlets selling various types of wigs. Luvmehair provides the highest quality hair products in the industry while guaranteeing professional and informed expert assistance for a pampering online shopping experience.

If you need a hand to find the most suitable wig, we are there to help you. In this guide, you will find lots of helpful information, advice, the most important features to consider to find the right wig for you. Here are a few things to consider when buying a wig. 


Some of the popular types of wigs include natural hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs. 

Natural Hair

In this case, we are talking about real human hair wigs, usually coming from places like India, Brazil and China. They are the best for wigs and are the ones that give the best naturalness not only to the sight but also to the touch. Wigs with natural hair can be found with ready-made cuts or a good hairdresser in hand. They can be modelled with a cut of your liking using scissors. These wigs are real hair that can be made smoother with a plate or curls with a curling iron, depending on the style you want. They can also be washed and dried with a hairdryer. 

Synthetic Hair

The highest quality synthetic hair looks like natural hair, although a keen eye will always distinguish fake hair from real. Compared to natural hair, a synthetic one can hardly match the feel, the shine, the movement and how a human hair remains waved. 

However, many people choose to use synthetic wigs as they are less expensive than wigs with natural hair. Synthetic hair wigs do not need restyling after washing and spray the wig with a bit of water to restore their original style. Synthetic hair is also not subject to frizz and does not sag in bad weather. 

The Base of the Wig

The base in a wig is that part where the hair is attached, regardless of whether it is natural or synthetic, and the inner part will go in direct contact with the head. Typically the base of the wig is made of lace, mesh or a combination of the two and must fit snugly against the wearer’s head as it serves to hold the wig in place.

Cheap Wig Base

It is a base used for cheap wigs, on which it is generally not easy to renew the hair as you can do it with other wigs that use more expensive bases. Usually, this type of base is only found in wigs with synthetic or heat resistant hair. 

Lace Front Base

There is a mesh insert on the front hairline, ear to ear and temple to temple. While most wigs could be machine sewn, the front is hand-sewn instead, with each hair individually attached to the lace insert. This results in a much more natural-looking hairline and allows the wearer to choose unusual hairstyles if desired. 360 lace front wigs are pre-plucked and give you the perfect natural appearance.

Lace bases, when worn, don’t get too hot and are generally easy to put on and put into place. The downside is that the lace part of the base is very delicate, and the hairline may tend to loosen over time.

Monofilament Base

These bases are similar to lace front bases but differ in that the mesh part extends over the crown and top of the head rather than just the front. This means that you can replace a part of a wig with this type of base, which can’t be done with a lace base instead.

Hand Stitched Hair Base

A 100% hand-knotted wig means each hair has been hand-stitched, one by one on a mesh base underneath. The mesh fabric is soft and comfortable when it comes in contact with the bare scalp. The hair of such a wig remains more natural in appearance and more versatile in terms of styling. 

After considering all these factors, you should look for a size that fits your perfectly.