Kagame Has Fallen Off the Cliff in USA – Secretary of State Blinken’s Speech Leaves No Doubt the Rwandan Strongman is Unwarranted There

By David Himbara

These days, General Paul Kagame forces Rwandans off the street of the Rwandan capital, so he can walk almost by himself during the so-called Kigali-Car-Free day. He owns the city and country.

Kagame better get used to spending more time in Kigali. He won’t be jetting off to give lectures at the American elite universities such as Columbia, Yale or Harvard University as he used to.

The Rwandan strongman has fallen off the cliff in the USA. If Kagame has any doubts about this, he better listen to the US Secretary of State Blinken’s speech delivered in Nigeria: “We must strengthen democracy. This is a critical moment.

Authoritarianism is on the rise…We see this happening across Africa – leaders ignoring term limits, rigging or postponing elections, exploiting social grievances to gain and maintain power, arresting opposition figures, cracking down on the media, and allowing security services to enforce pandemic restrictions with brutality.”

Kagame better stay in Kigali or increase his visits to his new friends and financiers such as Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the ruler of Qatar. Stay tuned.