How To Start Instagram For Your Business: A Step-By-Step Guide

Do you want to know how to set up an Instagram account for your business? Here’s what you need to know about it.

Let’s address the elephant in the room first –

Instagram is, indeed, one of the (if not the) best marketing tools in the business industry. 

Since its inception, it has grown pretty massively and has recently reached the one billion mark as well. Additionally, to make the app a little more business-centric, the developers of the same have begun rolling out new trade-specific features too.

However, the best thing about Instagram is its overall flexibility. If you’re capable enough, you can build a substantial base of followers in it without investing too much time or money.

Are you running an eCommerce business? Or, do you want to curate an empire of brick-and-mortar organizations?

No matter what your purpose is, there’s always a specific audience waiting for you to approach them on Instagram.

Starting An Instagram Business – A Instructional Guide 

To be absolutely honest, you’ll need to buy likes on instagram at some point to increase the online presence of your business. However, before you arrive at that extent, you’ll need to know how to create your Instagram account.

Here’s a step-by-step guide that can help you out!

Step – 1: Create A Business Account 

The first step of the game is pretty obvious – download the Instagram app from your app store and create a business account. Try not to be too casual and follow these tips to handle this step as efficiently as possible.

  • Profile Image: Use the logo of your business so that people can identify your brand from the get-go.
  • Username And Account Name: Both of these fields should consist of the name of your business. The spellings should be identical to other social profiles of your brand.
  • Bio: Capture the attention of your audience by describing your business, slapping up your motto, or hyping up your web platform (or do all of them)!
  • Website: It’ll be the only clickable link on your Instagram account. You can either link a promotional page here or use the URL of your official website.

Step – 2: Create A Strategy 

Only curating a “picture-perfect” business account won’t be enough for you. Instead, you’ll also have to build up a winning strategy on the platform. Here’s how you can do it.

  • Define the target audience of your business and learn about their social understanding.
  • Set a goal or objective for your organization and stick to the same.
  • Follow the SMART framework (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely).
  • Keep track of your performance metrics, such as engagement, awareness, conversion, consumer, etc.
  • Create a manageable content calendar and follow it till the end.

Step – 3: Share Excellent Content 

Social media marketing is all about keeping your audience well-engaged with your business. For that, you’ll have to share high-quality content through your social media profile. The below-mentioned tips can be helpful if you’re looking for some viable ideas –

  • Instagram is all about instilling a visual identity in the mind of the users. Hence, make sure to establish a recurring theme to personalize your brand awareness and improve the same to a massive extent.
  • Take high-definition photos of your products, employees, and working procedure, and share them on Instagram. Just make sure to use natural light and contrast while clicking the images, and you’ll be fine!
  • Don’t forget to edit your photos in accordance with your brand image. Add some more aesthetics, logos, frames, or graphics to make everything a little more engaging. Make sure to write a compelling caption before you upload the picture.

Step – 4: Curate A Unique Brand Voice 

Once you are done setting up everything, you can try focusing on curating a unique brand voice. For that, you can –

  • Use different formats (reels, carousels, guides, IGTV, etc.) available on Instagram to give a distinctive vibe to your posts.
  • Keep posting consistently. If you’re new to this platform, we’ll ask you to follow a one-day break rule. For example, if you’ve posted on a Sunday, your next upload should be on the following Tuesday.
  • Create inclusive content to make people feel more integrated with your content. For instance, posting a video of one of your employees using your product can be an excellent start for you.

Final Thoughts 

Starting a business on Instagram can seem a little daunting at first. Nonetheless, if you are careful enough and take a professional’s help, it will be much easier for you to create your empire efficiently.

In any case, if you still have any queries, don’t forget to let us know all about it in the comment section below. We’ll answer everything as quickly as possible.