I doubt Nkurunziza’s standing or not standing is the issue. This plan to ruin Burundi dates back.

(1) CNDD-FDD or the government in Burundi refused to corporate with Kagame to destabilize Tanzania and the other side of DRC – Uvira using Burundi. The worst thing Nkurunziza and his government or party would do is to betray Tanzania. In comparison to the 1993 Hutu government in Burundi, whose leader Kagame assassinated, refused to corporate with Kagame to fight the then government of Rwanda. You remember that the day President Ndadaye ordered Kagame’s radio station which was operating from Burundi, is the day Kagame made the final decision to assassinate the Hutu president of Burundi and exterminate the Hutu. That’s what happen. Kagame then put Buyoa, a Tutsi, into power. Buyoya’s government then became RPA rebels base in their war with Habyarimana. We have a similar situation now. Kagame does not want an independent and strong government in Burundi; he needs a failed state there so that he uses Burundi to achieve his selfish ends. All those people you call opposition leaders opposed to Nkurunziza, if Kagame grabs Burundi, will be butchered as soon as they talk of an independent Burundi!!!

(2) As long as Nkurunziza served Kagame’s interests, there was no problem. You probably remember that Nkurunziza’s government played a great part in eliminating Kagame’s opponents. The problems started with Tanzania! Kagame wanted to use Burundians to assassinate President Kikwete of Tanzania. Kagame wanted the Hutu leaders of Burundi to use their close relationship with Tanzania to eliminate Kikwete. Nkurunziza said a big NO to Kagame!! Kagame vowed to get rid of the Hutu leadership in Burundi for this reason.

(3) Kagame’s business empire made billions of dollars in Burundi before his relationship with Nkurunziza came to a turning point. Kagame was the major supplier of oil, furniture and other basic commodities in Burundi. Most of Kagame illegal minerals from DRC went through Burundi. With time, Burundi’s elite learnt how to do business themselves. They started going to Dubai for the commodities Kagame was supplying. Burundians learn how the minerals industry worked. The market became dry for Kagame. Kagame had to look for ways to replace these guys with his own government. The war in Burundi is also about this

Nkurunziza’s ” third term” thing is pure lie.

 Dr Charles Kambanda