The man planning for genocide against Tutsis surrounding himself with Tutsis??!!

Everyone undoubtedly agrees that there is high insecurity in Burundi and people are dying. Everyone also agrees with the notion that the principle role of a government is to create law and order; these should be the principle mandate of CNDD-FDD government and Peter Nkuruziza in particular. We have also to agree that Peter Nkurunziza is the president of Burundi, he did not violate any single law in Burundi while standing for another term (case study: Burundi’s constitution court judgment and the EAC ruling). Yes, we may question the legality of the elections and how the election system was run or conducted. Therefore, Peter N. has a mandate to bring law and order in Burundi by all means necessary.

What we are seeing in Burundi is that, the focus of analysis and debate is on those being attacked rather than the attackers. Peter Nkurunziza is being verified as a terrorist, while the real terrorists and their sponsors are being heightened to celebrity status. I would like to inform Jeanne that, In trying to create peace and security, Peter N opened up and encouraged interparty dialogue, created an all inclusive government, where those who grew up in Bujumbura suburbs where appointed in juice positions ( this is unheard off, for those born in Bujumbura city to be given ministries). He has ordered house to house searches in all suburbs including Hutu-CNDD dominated suburbs of Kinama, Kamenge, Kanyosha south, Kiyange etc; despite these searches, arms still flock on a daily basis in Bujumbura. Where are these arms coming from?? The issue is not Peter Nkurunziza, the issue is the source and the root cause of all this insecurity. Without blaming or condemning the source of the problem, the insecurity will continue in Burundi.

Since Saturday night, we have been watching wall to wall coverage and analysis of the Paris terror attacks. Different analysts from all aspects of life are spending amicable time analysing about the attackers (ISIS and terrorism), their motives and objectives. All these analysts and different governments are unanimously condemning the attackers; no one is blaming France or Francois Holland for the failures in protecting the citizenry. In Peter Nkurunziza’s case, the man is not only fighting local terrorism cells!! He is fighting terrorist cells which are externally sponsored, protected and advised.

The issue of using genocide in politicking is totally worrying and perturbing especially to the survivor of genocide. There is this cry that the Burundi police has been infiltrated by Interehamwe….sic…all heads of police units patrolling in Tutsi dominated suburbs are Tutsis, and of recently, Peter Nkurunziza’s government has positioned more Tutsi police men in these areas to conducts security patrols and searches, this was done in order to create interworking relationships-confidence between the police and the residents of these areas. The head of police in the whole of Bujumbura district is a Tutsi, the head of the Police response team of which people are complaining about its use of excessive force is also a Tutsi and reliable sources in Bujumbura indicate that his mother is a Rwandese Tutsi…….ohhh even Peter Nkurunziza’s aid de camp (Chief escort ) is a Tutsi. The man planning for genocide against Tutsis surrounding himself with Tutsis!!! What a total nonsense and garbage coming from Kigali and its proxy quarters.

The noises coming from Kigali that Tutsis in Burundi are on the verge of extinction are pure nonsense, lies, propaganda and totally cheap politics that should be condemned to the core. Genocide against the Tutsis, yet 90% of the 200 killed since May are Hutus and 80 % of them are CNDD-FDD members including those whose’ hearts where removed. CNDD-FDD must then be so damn genocidal to start killing even its own members!!!! Sometimes people need to be real and factual in their analysis.

In 2010 during a protected war, which was dirty, between FNL members and the Burundi forces in rural Bujumbura, there were talks all over Burundi that Peter Nkurunziza is a Tutsi with a sole motive of finishing Hutus, regularly citing the mother’s heritage. Peter Nkurunziza was being compared to Micombero in terms of Killing Hutus. Now down the road, the same man is being labelled a Hutu extremist with a holy intention of causing genocide in Burundi. Mere wonders of pseudonym lies and fabrications on part of those who want regime change. The detractors can challenge Peter Nkurunziza on policies rather than creating satanic fabrications or insecurity in the Country, especially when you consider that there are many policies which he hasn’t fulfilled or done in his last 10 years in power.

I can’t totally say that Peter Nkurunziza is a holy man, on ethical ground I condemn and blame him in standing for another term; he should have left for another member within the CNDD-FDD to stand as a presidential bearer. Now, CNDD-FDD is in disarray for his political stance, a stance that may cost the party in future. Another issue which I differ with Peter Nkurunziza, is his lack of providing sufficient resources to Burundi’s intelligence services. Without resources, it will be hard for Burundi’s National intelligence service to counter Rwanda’s DMI, which is over resourced with abundant black coffer. The under recourse scar also extends to his Public Relation team. Truth is on the side of Peter Nkurunziza, but this truth has to be told in order to counteract Kigali’s lies, especially when you know that Kigali pours huge amount of her resources in circulating and cementing her fabricated lies. For example, just last month, Louise Mushikiwabo spent three weeks in company of public relations firms, trotting European capitals and corridors of power spreading her usual lies.

In the words of Francois Holland, “ISIS has declared an act of war in attacking Paris.” Likewise, Peter Nkurunziza should know that Kagame has declared on several occasions’ war on Burundi. He should therefore act as a war time President and provide all the necessary resources needed in times of war.