“I never wanted to be President”: Kagame.

We know. Yes, we know. How can we forget that. We know how we forced you to go that African Leadership Academy (The bush) from where we begged you be `The Vice President´ when that chap who lives in Gikondo was `President´.

Then, we realized you were the real man with a vision and we (yes, we) sent that chap to prison and ´requested´ you to be our President. You didn´t want but reluctantly accepted because of the ´importance and consideration´ we attached to it.

In 2003, we again begged you to stand. We ourselves harassed every one who tried to disrupt our wishes-and successfully (without your knowledge) rigged the elections for you.

Seven years later, you wanted to quit, but again, we begged you and you again reluctantly accepted. We made it easier for you by arresting one lady who wanted to stand in your way.

Now, we have asked you once again to stay and I can really understand what a sacrifice it is and how hard it has been for you to again, accept such a burden.

All we need now, Mr. President is a few more years, just a few more. 21 more years and we will set you free. Tell Mama Janet (Who I´m sure never wanted to be a first lady) that we are working on getting a successor. We are already talking to another promising visionary. His name is Ivan Cyomoro (not sure you have met him, have you?)

Like you he is reluctant to accept. He doesn´t want to be President. But, we know that like you he will finally accept. We have already succeeded in having him join the RDF (He never wanted to be a soldier-He did it on our request) mindful of the importance and consideration we attached to it! So, we will have him ready and then, we can let you go and be a happy landlord.

Happy new year to you, Mr. President.


Charles Kabonero