In memory of late Col. Patrick Karegeya (RIP).

Colonel Patrick Karegeya, the former intelligence chief of Rwanda murdered in Johannesburg, South Africa, on January 1, 2014.

Today is exactly a year since the world woke up to the shocking news of your passing away. Patrick, I got to know you in 1996 but never were we close till 2010. Since 2010, you were a great friend, selfless hero, a brother in both need and deed, and a patriot. We talked matters of national and international importance, family issues, and had time for laughter.

We were so close that we shared secrets many would prefer to share with their blood brothers or parents. You played a very crucial role in my life that describing it in a FB post is almost impossible to say the least. You were great man of wonderful intellect, a great soul of matchless courage, one of the great men of the earth.

You were a brave soldier, the unswerving patriot, the true friend, and the distinguished Colonel. No words of mine, though written in flame, no chaplet that my hands can weave, no testimony that my personal knowledge can bring, will add anything to your fame.

The world honors you as a regime maker and a regime changer. You helped establish a regime that you thought would serve Rwandans right and when you realized it wasn’t the case, you decided it was your duty to help change it, and you paid the price of wanting the common good for all the Rwandans.

Your vision- a vision of a better Rwanda for all who call Rwanda their homeland, is not dead. That explains why you are not gone as well. Your ideas are alive in countless people you inspired. So long as your ideas are alive, so are you alive. Your name is everywhere.

Rest in peace my friend. Rest in peace. Don’t worry about your lovely Leah and lovely children- they are very happy carrying on your dream. They are very strong. They are fighting for what you sacrificed your life for. You would be astonished to see Portia and Richard confronting, with enormous energy, their everyday challenges. They have a father’s heart! Rest in peace.

Be proud that the man who took away your life is sleepless- isolated diplomatically, weakened economically, and divided militarily. Of course you know that after you, many internal purges emerged. But he swore to kill your best friend– you must thus be his guardian angel.

Don’t worry that the baby you helped father will die pre-maturely. In fact, the baby has grown exponentially. These days, your baby is your killer’s prime target but the problem is that the baby has grown many wings that your killer doesn’t know who to kill. You see, wherever your killer goes, he finds your baby and shame is all he has to deal with; of course after failing to kill the baby’s other father and your best friend.

Don’t worry for humanity. Your sacrifice and courage awakened those who could be awakened. Rest in peace. The world remembers you for your contribution to humanity and I, especially, remember you for our personal friendship and brotherhood.

RIP comrade Patrick


Didas Gasana