When you have a mad president your country has got no direction. A country under a mad president is always in endless conflicts with other countries and neighbors. When you have a mad president today he will say that he does not want the third term to continue ruling but in the morning of the following day he changes the constitution of his country in order to give himself powers again to go on.

A mad president will say that he is not dying for becoming the president of his country but when he wakes up an another day he will start assassinating, kidnapping, killing and blocking many people he suspects to wish to challenge him and run with him. A mad president will be parading that he is loved by his own people more than 100 % in his country but he will be moving in bulletproof coats just within the same country in his tours. A mad president is ever under pressure and fear of unkonw. a mad president has always phobia and paranoia. Watch well how a mad president lives his life among those he calls his own! A mad president is never at peace when he is just in own country.

A mad president will say that elections are over and it is a matter of formalities but he will be spending a lot money on luxurious campaign shows instead of using it to uplift the lives of his poor citizens. A mad president will remove God from the constitution but during his swearing in ceremony he will still ask the “God” to help him carry his duties, when in the beginning he had said that he does not need the same “God.” During the political campaigns usually a mad president has got no agenda. He has nothing to tell the people about what he will do for them. His words are only “the development speaks by its self”, even if there none to show!

A mad president has cheated people so much that he can’t repeat again and again! A mad president feels that the lies that he has told several times have now sunk well into the heads of his subjects. A mad president enjoys performances, political shows just like carnival festival celebrations to prove that he is so much loved by those he has repressed a lot. A mad president is content when the majority (85%) of his subjects are poorer! Elections are already pre-determined in a country of a mad president.

A mad president will be happy to see his servant ministers and his own government officials insulting every one everywhere.

A mad president will tell that the he knows the elections results before voting day but again he will still be lobbying and campaigning using secret services who will be forcing the people to wake up early or during the night and to start moving to attend his baseless political rallies. When you have a mad president he will invite all former heads of state to his inauguration but he will never invite his own predecessor who stay with him in the same country.

A mad president will dance like a fool overnight for his victory but deep down he will still not be happy, because he knows that his was not “won” worthily elections. A mad president will tell his electoral commission to give him 100% but afterwards he will still ask to be told how much with which percent he “won” the elections in reality. A mad president is aware that if he allows freedom and democracy he will not survive the defeat during elections. A mad president never trusts anyone be it his friends, his family or even his beloved ones! A mad president loves luxurious and expensive life because he squanders all the nature resources of his country carelessly. A mad president can never have his property within his own country. He takes everything outside where he wrongly thinks they are safe!

A mad president will swear in without following his own self-made constitution. A mad president will not know the implications of running a country illegally. In a country where you have a mad president animals can kill and eat people every day and all the years and no intervention is made by his criminal government to come to an aid to the suffering people in his country. Animals are more valuable than human beings in a country under a mad president.

A mad president is interested in accumulating a lot of wealthy and riches at the detriment of his poor people. A mad president will fail to deliver good services during a long period in power and he will fool his people that only within one month he will give them what he failed to give them over years and years. When you have a mad president, poor people and little ones in his country are never cared for but rather they are considered as dirty in his capital city. A mad president enjoys only calumny, victimizing, stigmatizing his own citizens.

A mad president believes in sarcasm, retaliation, revenge and retribution. A mad president does not believe in a true reconciliation and forgiveness. A Mad president does not have a heart for the people whom he rules over. A mad president considers his own glory only at the expense of human rights protection and promotion. A mad president talks only of wars! A mad president values everything in terms of gathering many arms and military munitions! A mad president is never happy. A mad president is ever sad. He likes being clapped for anything he says even if it doesn’t make sense at all! A man president does never respect any culture or any civilization.

A mad president does not know that there is “nothing new under the sun” a mad president makes himself equal to “God.” A mad president flatters himself that he knows all better than anyone else. He is the only one who makes all things to be and to exist! A mad president thinks he is the beginning of his country! Before the coming of a mad president nothing existed in his own country! In country where there is a mad president you will never hear any one denouncing any violation of human life. But he will be only contented with news about his praises and entertainment. That is how mad president governs his country and his own people. A mad president is always insecure when there is no sad news of assassinations whispering in his own ears!

A mad president will never rest until he hears some deaths happening in his own country. A mad president is only happy when everything in his country belongs to him. Everything in his country is his own property. A mad president likes showing off abroad spending a little time and almost none in his own country. In a country where there is a mad president you never know who runs the country when he is away. A mad president like him teaches too his children vices and not values. What a mad president looks up to is to see his own children replace him after he dies. A mad president is only preoccupied by grooming his own children to take over from him. A mad president wishes to exist alone on this earth. That is why the life of a mad president is characterized by blood shedding throughout his reign. The reign of a mad president lasts longer but it ends badly. The reign of a mad president falls apart when its imminent end is nearing and close at hand!

Amani Mahoro Peace