Roundtable: What is the cost of Rwandan stability?


  1. why do ppl keep falling into Kagame’s trap by buying his stories? he wants u to believe he has developed the country?? and you believe it?? if so, why is he cracking down the street vendors?? Rwanda having developed the way he portrays it should not have street vendors in the first place!! Again, you all know that he is been looting DRC, why do you keep saying that he has done a lot with donors funds?? Actually, given what he stole from DRC, he has done nothing!! and corruption, are you kidding me?? Rwanda is the most corrupt nation on earth, the difference with other countries is that only the head of state is corrupt and citizen are not, that is why it is hard to see!! let us talk about economy, maybe put aside the fact that he has looted DRC for awhile, how do you define economic progress of a nation?? and what is a nation to you?? does it include ppl or just the territory within those boundaries? if so, when you take all investment opportunities to yourself (RPF), and impoverish or eliminate the businessmen as a predatory competitive strategy (quite innovative i gotta admit), what do you make of that?? economic development?? i thought development should have the connotation of improvement of ppl welfare!!! not ppl assassination!!! that is a new model of developing a country which is being developed in Rwanda by Dr Kagame!!! if accepted, several theories-if not all- will have to be adjusted!!
    in a nutshell, i d advise ppl to stop saying that Rwanda has developed, that is an insult to Adam Smith and the people of Rwanda!! stop being subjective in your research and views.
    So sad what the world has turned into! Now so called “educated” ppl are being tricked by “uneducated” ones, sad and sad!

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