Is There Any New Information You Can Find Out from Gambling Podcasts?

Gambling over time has evolved into one of the most worthwhile ventures in society today, such that we now have tons of casinos with a wide range of game selection and other features. Casinos and gambling are now becoming a force to be reckoned with, hence the need for its recognition on all sorts of platforms. One of these platforms is the podcast – a free series of spoken words digital audio files which allows internet users to download it into a personal device for convenient listening. 

Podcasts started at the beginning as independent means for different people to get their messages passed across to folks of similar interests. Nowadays, podcasts are from companies, private individuals, TV and radio networks, religious entities, comedians and so on. These podcasts address all sorts of issues and pass along their messages. Fortunately, the world of gambling has seen the need for podcasts, and so you have several people with their releases.

The Emergence of Gambling Podcasts

Lots of people have exchanged their playlists with podcasts, and more people are tuning in daily. About 24% of Americans at age 12 and above now listen to podcasts every month. Even Statista assumes that by the year 2021, the population of people listening to a podcast in the US will have sky rocked to over 100 million.  

Podcasts are fast becoming a lucrative channel for large and small scale marketing as well as bookmakers. With the way and manner gambling is also fast-growing, what other channels would gambling need if not this one? The majority of platforms are congested with lots and lots of business ventures, but podcasts haven’t been saturated yet. So it’s just right that gambling marketing is done there. 

The focal point of marketing is the content, and gambling is nothing short of content. It is usually said ‘content is a king’, and thus every industry tries to create quality content on blogs, websites, etc. Top online casinos are not left out of this equation as they create websites that contain a detailed description of their features and specifications. Therefore, gambling podcasts started with an individual trying to talk about casinos. Their key features are bonuses, game selections, customer service, online mobile slots and other games` versions, etc. Then, casinos came gradually to using podcasts to boost and market their websites and all they have to offer.

The Need for Gambling Podcasts

We’ve just been raising one or two points as to why podcasts are needed in gambling ventures. Below are the basic reasons.

  • Loyalty: Developing a podcast audience ahead of competitors gives you more grounds regarding the number of fans you would amass over time. People tend to form a relationship with the hosts; thus, they would always want to check if there’s a new podcast episode. Establishing a strong audience before the podcast becomes famous automatically gives you an edge over other gambling podcasts. For instance, when you finish a podcast, your audience would love to find out more, and all you have to do is mention your site, and there you have potential customers.
  • Mobile-Friendly: A major factor that gives gambling podcasts an edge over other mediums is how mobile-friendly it is. Listening to gambling podcasts is as easy as listening to music on your smartphone and other mobile devices. As mobile devices are chosen over computers and desktops, daily, mobile-friendly content is in higher demand. With gambling podcasts, one can learn all about free online casinos in a matter of minutes. It is also very easy for users to listen to content while walking, eating, relaxing or performing any other action.
  • Convenience: Gambling podcasts require a tiny bit of effort on the part of the listener. You do not have to see what you are listening to; simply download and play! It is great for those who are multi-tasking. Thus, life is made easier.
  • Popularity: The number of podcast listeners is growing at an alarming rate. In 2018, Statista recorded 48 million weekly listeners, and the audience is expected to increase to 115 million by 2021. Podcasts are a turning point for marketing and branding, so it is simply perfect for online casinos. Gambling podcasts help beat the crowd and set you higher than others that haven’t started with it.
  • Interactive Options for Listeners: A podcast is a very engaging medium that fosters loyalty between the audiences and the anchor. Hosts can organize audience polls, take calls and answer questions like a typical radio show. This further draws listeners to the show and makes the consumption of contents very interactive.

Podcasting as a Gambling Marketing Strategy

Gambling podcasts represent an accurate way to reach more people and boost your casino. Now that we’ve discussed the need for gambling podcasts let’s find out how you could use them in your marketing strategy.

Indeed, podcasts might not be a good fit for all industries, but they do great for casinos. The next question is in which way.

Create Quality Content

Audiences are likely to be drawn to contents that add value to them. Gambling is a win-win situation not only for a customer but also for the casino. So, it would help if you gave them something worthwhile. For instance, your podcast on gambling should talk about game selections, new slot machines like Choco Reels slot, quality game providers like NetEnt or Wazdan, types of bonus offers, how mobile-friendly a casino is, customer service, etc. 

Ensure your content sticks to the purpose of your podcast. Advertise your casino and all it has to offer; that way, customers know you mean business. Take time to explain the terms peculiar to gambling so your audience can understand you and, in turn, be able to relate.


The purpose of a gambling podcast is to get more customers to sign up for casinos, so you should make sure to use the best of devices and equipment. This is to ensure you give your audience the best of the best. Improved technology and greater access are now available, so use them optimally.


Asides from what you regularly post on your podcast, you can post something else that’s similar to your show. It does not matter if you have the most amazing podcast in the business; try to spice it up with something other than yours.   


Podcasts are growing at a fast rate, representing one of the points in a marketing strategy. Thus, they are perfect for the world of gambling. This is not only because of its popularity among consumers but also because of how brands make use of it as a resource. Because of the type of audience they attract, gambling brands can share details, measure public opinion, and also offer a more down-to-earth approach for interested gamblers. The consistency that often accompanies this makes it easy to form a specific set of listeners that can be enlightened on the practices of the casino brand. The fact that podcasts can be listened to on the go makes it a viable option for most gambling enthusiasts. If you’d like to start your own gambling podcast, learn more here