It is time to alleviate your different political views and unite for Rwanda needs everyone

Congratulations to Father Nahimana Thomas as well as the entire team he was with respectively Nadine Kasinge, Kejo Skyler (8 months baby) and Venant Nkurunziza for your exceptional bravery and determination in fighting for Rwandans’ human rights.

You undoubtedly exposed the Rwandan criminal dictatorship regime for its extreme human rights abuses that engulfed Rwandans not only in Rwanda but wherever they are, reaching to blocking rights to those who have chosen self-repatriation in order to challenge Kagame’s authoritarian rule.

This is a great fact that the Kagame’s regime allow and call for refugees repatriation only for those who have accepted to be silenced and enslaved by the RPF criminal dictatorship.

Though i am among the Rwandans who didn’t support some of your mission objectives like bidding for 2017 presidential election in Rwanda which is totally illegal and already hijacked by the self-claimed monarch of incumbent so-called President of Rwanda, you now crosschecked some of the facts that we presented to you stating that you boycott the 2017 presidential for its illegality.

So this is now the time to review your mission objectives and think of another alternative among them to ally other opposition political parties with same mission to liberate and free Rwandans from extreme oppression .

The more the opposition parties delay to unite, the more severely that increases the plight conditions Rwandans are subjected to by the RPF criminal regime.

Therefore it is time to revamp, to heed, alternate and to rejuvenate new strategies to fight the aforesaid criminal regime.

So far you have made a great score but the match is not yet over, the first victory will be in succeeding to unite with the other opposition parties for this struggle is not for individuals but for all the oppressed Rwandan people. It is time to alleviate your different political views and unite for Rwanda needs everyone.

All the oppressed Rwandans are behind you irrespective of your different views, for the oppressed only needs a savior and someone to eradicate oppression.