It was only at seven months old that KEJO Skyler, the most famous general the country of the thousand hills had ever known for his courage, defied the most feared man of the land, because of millions of victims from many wars the latter had engaged his armies in, either internally in his country or beyond.

While still in the womb of his mother in a foreign country, KEJO would listen to her talking to friends and acquaintances of returning to Rwanda, the place of her ancestors. And sometimes, he would sense some anxiety in her voice. He didn’t know what Rwanda meant, or many other sounds his senses were starting to recognize and get accustomed to.

Once out in the open, he told his mother: “Mother, I have been listening to your strong desire to go home, and see the land of your parents. Don’t worry. Now that I am ready, help me prepare all the necessary supplies we might need, milk bottles, nappies and any other stuff indispensable for the journey, then I will get you there.”

The date of departure was set. KEJO and his mother took the airline transporter which was meant to carry their supplies and help them meet the other military contingents not very far from the main battle field, where the decisive confrontation was to be. The next day, all the forces were brought together in the location set as the meeting point.

Immediately, the general learnt that his adversary had started panicking only by hearing that he was coming. He was doing everything possible, even the unthinkable, to stop him and his forces from getting close to the contested territory.

Tactically, in order to instill more fear into the enemy camp, general KEJO decided to lay siege to the fortress he was attacking from a distance where he could control what was happening in the opposite camp.

As days passed, his supplies started diminishing. The siege that his forces were doing was imposed on him by the manoeuvres of his adversary. General KEJO hadn’t prepared enough for all the requirements of the siege.

Kejo Skyler, the world’s youngest and most famous army general decided to withdraw temporarily but kept tight the siege. He left behind his second in command in charge. He went back to seek more resources and supplies.

Once back, General KEJO told his people, “Before I fully charge back for the decisive battle, I need more men to keep moving forward, more mothers to carry our milk and nappies. We can’t win this battle without enough supplies. If our adversary has such equipment, maybe we should try to get them from their lines of supply. But we need a minimum from our side. The battle might take long unexpectedly. In the end, I am a 100% certain of winning. We will win. Our adversary is not as strong as we initially thought he would be.”

From his first closest encounter with his adversary, General KEJO had learnt something critical about his weaknesses. Courage and determination were the only and most important weapons needed to make his enemy’s fortress crumble.

Ambrose Nzeyimana