It seems I am behind news!! And if I am wrong I will apologise to the guy.

Tom Ndahiro

What an amazing world, an A3/O level GRADUATE and now being referred as a researcher. During the RPF/RPA war, this man, Tom Ndahiro alias Peter Mahirwe was a photographer and sometimes stationed at Radio Muhabura as a pretender journalist. Now, a wanker during the struggle is being taunted as a researcher, a presidential media advisor……etc.
…..but the dude is good at political fabrication and lies.

Research is all about research methodologies, research tools, research technicalities, deep understanding of the subject and a researcher must be open, not consumed with pre –research assumptions. In this case, Tom Ndahiro alias Peter Mahirwe doesn’t possess any single knowledge, skills or training on how to carry out any research.

We all know his research on dead bodies that floated on lake Rweru or his academic presentation on referendum subject, which was diabolic and substandard. Referring this man as a researcher is committing academic massacre or being ignorant on the term – research.

Now, the most interesting part, he is also being referred as a doctor (PHD holder). Where and when the fuck did this dude get his PHD? How do you get a PHD without having an undergraduate degree or a master?? What was his pre PHD entry, innovation research on? What did he research for his PHD thesis?? Who supervised his PHD research/education?

May be, he has an honorary doctorate like his boss Kagame, but which UNI on earth can a ward him such an honour? We all know how Kagame gets them, through his highly paid lobbyist. For Tom, how did he acquire his PHD??…… Guys give me more info. It seems I am behind news!! And if I am wrong I will apologise to the guy.