Major General Paul Kagame is now arresting his Generals and other high politicians. ” Threatening the national security” is a the only one pretext advanced by Kagame’s dictatoriship regime.

Not only today, many Generals have been arrested in previous years. On this note I think many remember what happened to Gen. Karenzi karake, Nyamvumba Patrick, Gen. Charles Kayonga and others. Some of them have apologized to Paul Kagame and they have been promoted in their posistion while others have been rejected from the system by sending them abroad to serve as Ambassadors, etc.

What is chocking the case of Col. Rugiganangabo who has been arrested and imprisoned by the regime. Rugiganangabo is a brother and family member of Gen. Kayumba Nyamwasa who exiled in Republic of South Africa.

Currently, Gen. Rusagarara, Capt. Kabuye, Col Tom Byabagamba have been arrested by the regime. What is the cause? And what the target of Kagame’s plan? Simply, what is knowns these arrests can results some divisions or conflicts in Rwanda Defense Force turned into Kagame Defense Force.

What we have to note, some of those who are arrestes are many be friends not forgetting familly members of those who are considered as enemies of Rwanda. Kagame himiself went far by labelling as Ibigarasha and he used to celebrated deaths of those who did not share the same views of dictating Rwandans.

What is now known, Kagame is not sleeping peaceful these days. As a facts, yesterday, he called upon an urgent meeting in his office located in Urugwiro in everning hours. That meeting was attended by his trusted men, Nziza jack, Gen. Kabarebe, and others. What is shocking the minister of internal security (Musa Fazil) was not there!!!!!! A system of trusted persons indeed!!!!!

Simply these arrests of everyday are now become a routine but what is schocking all Rwandan Generals are sleeping. And if they are generals, why they accepts this? On this last question, I can not heasitate to quote one rwandan who wrote a good piece entitled: ” Kagame is a General without Generals” And who is that Rwandan politician?

Peter Urayeneza