Kagame’s former security head,diplomat arrested over ‘subversion’

Kigali, Rwanda-Brig Gen.Tom Byabagamba, the former President Paul Kagame’s head of the Republican Guard has been arrested for allegedly committing state security offences, Great Lakes Voice has learnt

Brig Gen. Byabagamba was arrested last night; sources told Great Lakes Voice he was arrested trying to rescue his wife Mary Baine from Police intense questioning.

To what sources say its high level intrigue not necessarily linked to Gen Kayumba’s RNC but, simply comments critical to the first family, and opposing government line of thinking. It’s also alleged Gen Frank Rusagara was arrested for almost similar accusations of subversive comments.

Ambassador Mutaboba, Mary Baine and David Kabuye are investigated for the comments made in certain bar in Nyarutarama alleging that First lady, Janet Nyiramongi Kagame may have been involved in Late Inyumba’s death. During the strange statement, after few minutes, they were arrested on spot.

However, sources say Tom Byabagamba was not present but latter came storming CID offices after hearing the news that his wife was at CID for questioning.

Despite news of Brig Gen. Byabagamba’s arrest being in the public domain, police and army officers were evasive and none wanted to go on record.

Police spokesperson ACP Damas Gatare feigned ignorance when contacted about the matter on Sunday evening. He told Great Lakes Voice to cross checking with the army.

“For Mutaboba, you can ask Foreign affairs Ministry and others you can ask army spokesman. You will bear with me; I am not aware of the case,” Gatare said.

The army could not help the matter during press time as the cell phone of army Spokesperson, Brig Gen. Joseph Nzabamwita went unanswered for hours.

Byabagambi is a brother to Dr. David Himbara who fall out with Kagame recently and turned critic to Kigali establishment. Himbara, who acted as Kagame special adviser on economic policy lived in South Africa then left to Canada after fleeing Kigali in 2011.

His arrest comes after the arrest of Gen Frank Rusagara and Capt David Kabuye on allegations of criminal offences against the state, according to army publicity Brig General Joseph Nzamwita.

Reports from police also indicate that senior diplomat Joseph Mutaboba and Mary Baine have been arrested and conditioned under intense Criminal Investigation Department (CID) questioning. But letter Mary Baine was released after spending the whole night at CID headquarters.

It’s by then Byabagamba was arrested to what Police call ‘obstructing Justice’. Sources say that many more could be arrested by security.

Sources indicate there is a long list of alleged subversive cadres and military officers within the system likely to be arrested one by one to avoid massive arrests at a go.

Amb. Joseph Mutaboba was appointed in 2009 as African Union and United Nations Deputy Joint Special Representative and Deputy Head of the African Union-United Nations Hybrid Operation in Darfur (UNAMID).

Previously the Special Envoy of Rwanda’s President to the Great Lakes region, and Secretary-General in the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Internal Affairs, he earlier held several senior-level positions as Deputy National Coordinator for Rwanda and Permanent Representative to the United Nations in New York from 1999 to 2001, and as a senior diplomat in Addis Ababa and Washington, D.C.

Mutaboba holds a Master of Philosophy degree in librarian and information science from North London University

Source:Great Lakes Voice