Kagame Addressed G7 On Climate and Oceans While Australian Authorities Exposed His Spy Network

By David Himbara

Rwandan head of state, General Paul Kagame is a man of many talents. He addressed G7 Summit on climate, biodiversity and oceans. Meanwhile, in Australia, hell broke loose. It was discovered that Rwanda has a network of spies working to supress political dissent in the Rwandan refugee community in Australia. Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) said foreign interference and espionage was happening at an “unprecedented scale.” The ASIO warning came after the ABC news uncovered a secret recording of a Rwandan spy. ABC reported the Rwandan government madness in Australia as follows:

There was little fanfare when Rwanda’s Foreign Minister touched down in Australia…Two weeks earlier his country had been thrust into international headlines amid revelations an asylum seeker swap with the United States sent a pair of alleged murderers to Queensland. What exactly the Foreign Minister, Richard Sezibera, was doing in Australia remains in contention, but it clearly wasn’t a trip to Canberra to pass on well wishes to a re-elected Coalition Government, which had dealt with the scandal en route to its re-election. His trip generated disquiet in the refugee community which led to the ABC uncovering allegations of a complex web of Rwandan spies living within the suburbs, creating a culture of fear among the refugees who had escaped that nation in pursuit of a safer life.”

When will this madness end?