Kagame’s Generals And Minister Vanished

By David Himbara

General Paul Kagame generals and minister disappeared. General James Kabarebe disappeared. Kabarebe is a notorious figure. He was a key figure in both the First Congo War and the Second Congo War as a commanding officer who was accused of atrocities against civilians. From April 2010 until October 2018, he was the Rwandan Minister of Defence. In his role of Minister of Defence, he was the de facto leader of the March 23 Movement, a militia in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo accused of atrocities in 2012–2013. Kagame made Kabarebe security adviser in 2018.

General Emmanuel Ndahiro disappeared. Ndahiro was Kagame’s personal physician rising to Rwanda’s chief of the intelligence agency. Ndahiro was a Kagame confidant from the war days of the 1990s.

Foreign Minister Richard Sezibera disappeared. Sezibera has served in different capacities including ambassador to the United States, minister of health and secretary-general of the East African Community — becoming foreign affairs minister in 2018.

What is going on here? Stay tuned.