Kagame And Mo Ibrahim In Love

The two lovebirds in Kigali — Kagame and Mo Ibrahim on April 27, 2018.

By David Himbara

Scientists have discovered that love is essentially a drug. Apparently, lovers think and act similarly to drug addicts. The brains of the smitten lovers produce emotional craziness identical to drug users. Mo Ibrahim is in such a state. He has fallen in love — so intoxicated that he has forgotten what he once stood for.

Before falling in love with Kagame, Mo Ibrahim used to denounce African leaders who change constitutions to cling to power. After falling in love with Kagame, Mo Ibrahim changed his tune. He now says he is only opposed to African leaders who abuse power but not those who cling to power. This is what Mo Ibrahim said today on April 27, 2018:

”I am not criticizing African leaders who delay in power, I am criticising only African leaders who abuse power. There is a difference between the two.”

This is extraordinary. African rulers who rig themselves into power perpetually — including Kagame — are now in good books with Mo Ibrahim. In case you have forgotten the old Mo Ibrahim prior to falling in love with Kagame, listen to him here.

Wonder with never cease. Kagame must be pleased with himself after taming the once outspoken Sudanese billionaire. Mo Ibrahim has turned into Kagame’s praise singer.