Donat Mutunzi (Left)

After the assassinations of former physician of President Paul Kagame Dr Gasagure at Gikondo police cell in Kigali City two years ago, Lawyer Toy Nzamwita in front of Convention Centre House in Kigali on 30/12/2016 by the Rwandan police, François Nsengiyumva who was detained in a police cell in Ngoma District – Eastern Province on 19 April 2018; we are a lot concerned with the ongoing hideous scheme of the Government of Rwanda to assassinate politically engaged suspects in cold blood.

This Monday on 23 April 2018, the police strangled a detainee named Donat Mutunzi who had been kidnapped since a dozen of days and finally two days before his assassination the police of Kigali City claimed to have arrested him. Even though the Government of Rwanda continues to reject the accusations of human rights abuse and systematic barbarity, it becomes evident on a day-to-day basis that the Kagame regime pursues its hideous plan to exterminate Rwandans, both Hutu and Tutsi, who don’t dance to the rhythm of its tune.

The Government of Rwanda says that Lawyer Donat Mutunzi committed suicide and hang himself using a bedcover, yet this is a bare lie inasmuch as the State of Rwanda didn’t explain why it detained Donat Mutunzi. Moreover, neither the prosecution nor any law court ever interrogated him until he was killed. A journalist of the Voice of America phoned the spokesperson for the Kigali City Police to get clarifications on the perplexing death of Lawyer Donat Mutsinzi but the latter refused to respond to the phone call. In real life, Donat Mutunzi was a great lawyer and he assisted Dr Léo Mugesera in the law case in which the State of Rwanda prosecuted Dr Léo Mugesera for genocide planning. While listening to the speculation of the police about the death of Lawyer Donat Mutunzi at his funerals in Kigali yesterday, one man among hundreds of lawyers who came to pay him their last respects told the Voice of America, “We are not stupid.” In fact, this one wanted to show that it was clear that the late was killed by the RPF regime instead of having killed himself.

Close observers have found out that the assassination of Lawyer Donat Mutunzi is associated with the legal counsel he provided to Dr Mugesera while the Government of Rwanda did not want it that way. In addition to this, Lawyer Mutsinzi did not hesitate to plead in cases in which the State was to blame due its greed for filthy lucre and he could not yield to the government pressure to argue the cases in its favour, even when the State tried to bribe him like it is accustomed to proceed with other lawyers, Mutsinzi professionally remained true to his career. Here we can mention the cases of injustice perpetrated in insurance affairs such as denying the adherents due pension and damage indemnities given the fact that most insurance companies belong to the RPF aristocracy and they do whatever they want with the people’s money without consequences. Such is the Rwanda we call a “Whitewashed Tomb.” These horrible deaths executed by the RPF regime are one among several terrorist strategies for President Kagame to eliminate his opponents, murdering them rampantly at the same time terrifying the rest of Rwandans in order to confirm fear in their hearts and achieve his burning ambition to be President for life.

Now one may pause to wonder when the main donors of Rwanda will hear the cries of orphans and widows and all Rwandan dissidents! The countries that aid the RPF regime should call it to stop shedding innocent blood. It is said that not even a drop of blood goes gratis. The Bible clearly lends credence to this saying. In the history of the Bible’s Ancient Testament, God plainly warns that you will get treated exactly in the same way as you treat others. The telling example of bloodshedding consequences is met in the Book of I Kings 21:17-27. King Ahab of Israel was advised by his diabolical wife Jezebel to have poor Naboth killed and take over his vineyard. However, this did not please the Lord God Most High and right away God sent His prophet Elijah to tell King Ahab that in the very spot where dogs licked up Naboth’s blood, they would lick up his blood. Before long, God’s Word came to happen and people were awestruck.

Let no Rwandans nor foreigners be surprised at the pending doom and gloom that await Kagame and his death squads as deserved punishment for their exorbitant cruelty currently being carried out against Rwandans. Many people view Kagame and his junta as an invincible army but truly they really are not. True greatness results from simplicity, not blood bathing!

Kagame is no longer able to rescue the sinking boat of his system. It’s already decayed. No matter the routine effort of RFF intrigues aiming to cover its monumental guilt for political assassinations, war crimes and genocide, it will never do away with the truest records of our nation’s history.

The competitive desire for the RPF to exculpate itself after scapegoating innocent countrymen – the wish to deceive the rest of the world with a holy self-image – to be paid heed to as a blameless organization – all have a deadlocked end where the whole of the regime’s system is going to get paralyzed as to an expired mechanism of lie.

The scarcity of the truth, the infringement of citizenship rights, the delays and suppressions of tangible evidence about the regime’s brutality toward the dissidents and the aspirations for assassinating true witnesses of our historical problems, all show the incompetence and the failure of the RPF regime.

Oppressing any Rwandan whose political views are opposite to those of RPF and impose monotonous slogans which exalt hate and division among the people does not cancel the natural cause-and-effect cycle.

President Kagame has ruled exceedingly badly. There’s no reparation except passing the baton.

Written by:
Jean Rukika
A London-based independent activist
Friday, 27 April 2018