Kagame Attacks Uganda And South Africa As He Blocks Cement From Uganda At The Border

By David Himbara

In an interview on February 16, 2019 with Pamela Sittoni, the Managing Editor for the Nation Media Group, General Paul Kagame named Uganda and South Africa as problem countries. According to Kagame, some people in South Africa prefer to talk to Rwandan dissidents based there — whom Uganda is using to destabilize Rwanda. On the same day, the Kagame government blocked Ugandan cement exports to Rwanda at the Katuna Border as relations further deteriorate.

Meanwhile, Uganda continues its crackdown on rogue security officials and other actors accused of kidnappings and spying on Rwanda’s behalf. No one knows for sure how this conflict might end. One thing is for sure. By making noise about South Africa and Uganda, and by blocking cement exports from Uganda, Kagame just scored own goals. South Africa is about to show the reverse — how the death squads sent by Rwanda murdered Patrick Karegeya. And how does the Chairman of the East African Community (EAC), Kagame, block exports from another EAC member state?