Kagame Becomes A Movie Star

Kagame in Chicago watching a movie in which he is the star.

By David Himbara

On April 23, 2018, President Paul Kagame was in Chicago to watch a movie. The movie is titled Rwanda: The Royal Tour. Kagame is the star of the movie. He plays the role of a tour guide.

The movie describes Kagame’s Rwanda as one of the most prosperous and peaceful places in Africa accomplished by one man — Kagame.

Cherrie Blair cheerleading


Among the Kagame cheerleaders in Chicago was Cherie Blair — as in Tony Blair’s wife.

Kagame seems to be turning to films as his latest propaganda platform.

In another movie, Morgan Freeman — the famous American movie star — portrays Kagame as an example to the world. According to Freedom, Kagame has brought peace to Rwanda and reconciled Rwandans. Lord have mercy.


Kagame will be remembered as one of the world’s most effective propagandists. He has ably used propaganda to portray himself as the saviour of Rwanda while terrorizing the people of Rwanda for two decades.

Stay tuned.