Me Donat Mutunzi a Rwandan lawyer was found dead in police custody.

Donat Mutunzi (Left)

By Gakwerere

Like any hard working Rwandan who is living in a near collapse economy, lawyer Mutunzi Donat woke up in the morning of Friday the 13/04/18, got ready for work and said bye to both his wife and children. Unfortunately, the wife and children didn’t know they are saying the last bye to their loved one – husband and father.

On this fateful morning, Lawyer Mutunzi Donat left his house to work at his law firm in central Kigali. In the evening, as he was living his offices, DMI personnel under the guise of being CID officers approached him and his was driven off in a white tinted double cabin pickup.

Since then, his phone was off, he didn’t return home. From that evening, his spouse, family and friends have been searching for him in all police stations around Kigali and all in vain; getting the same answer that they don’t have a person with that names/identify under their custody.

Oppressed Rwandans being used on fabrications of this brutal – criminal regine, this morning of 23rd/04/18, oppressed Rwandans woke up to another sickening treat to justify criminality – an assassination. Rwanda Investigation Bureau’s Spokesperson (RIB) Modeste Mbabazi told Rwandans that they indeed had lawyer Mutunzi Donat in their custody, unfortunately, he committed suicide last night while in prison.

Since the 13th/04/2018, they have been denying that they don’t have a person by such names/Identity under their custody. Few weeks along the lane, they have changed their statement, producing a corpse to the family.

On the reason why he was picked up by police, Rwanda Investigation Bureau’s Spokesperson (RIB) Modeste Mbabazi gave one of the most disgusting fabrication that, lawyer Mutunzi Donat was picked on the 19/04/18 because he was of interest on a rape investigation. For all these days of which he was under incarceration, why wasn’t he produced before criminal Paul Kagame’s courts, rather than deciding to summarily execute him?

Obviously, he was first tortured and then executed. Like any other family who have lost their loved ones under this criminal regime, now this family is currently going through threats/intimidation by DMI agents to keep quiet and silently bury their loved person.

According to info streaming from those who are conversant with the case, lawyer Mutunzi Donat was killed because of his legal help to Rwandans who were loosing their lands through illegal grabbing by members of the criminal junta, including the Kagames.

At the end of March/2018, during the launch of local government retreat, criminal Paul Kagame told his justice minister Busingye Johnston and his local government minister Kaboneka Francis, that he doesn’t want to ever hear about land issues. And for those who have been at the front line in helping the oppressed citizens fight for their lands, this statement by Kagame was a signal to his attack dogs to do what is necessary to solve the issue and protect land grabbers i.e the Kagames.

Lawyer Mutunzi Donat has become a casualty of representing the voiceless in criminal Paul Kagame’s court. It was also land cases which led to the assassination of lawyer Toy Ntabwoba Nzamwita in December 2016 by members of criminal Paul Kagame’s intelligence unit within the presidential guard.