Kagame Closed the Common Border with Uganda in 2019

The collapsing Rwandan currency

By David Himbara

The Ugandan Shilling is the Best Performing Currency in East Africa and Third Best in Africa while the Rwandan Franc is Collapsing

General Paul Kagame is not pleased with the news from neighbouring Uganda.

First, the Ugandan military is currently involved in joint military operations with its Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) counterpart in pacifying the eastern DRC that is normally Kagame’s playground.

Second, the Ugandan government is currently building roads in DRC to promote trade in an effort to recover from the Kagame damage of shutting the common border with Uganda in 2019.

And now, it is widely reported that the Uganda shilling is the best performing currency in East Africa against the dollar, whereas the Rwandan franc is the worst-performing currency in the region.

Meanwhile, Uganda’s shilling is Africa’s third-best performing currency in 2021. Closing a border in the 21st century is costly –

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