Kagame Ends Brief Visit To Rwanda😂

By David Himbara


After spending five days in Rwanda from his Russian and Canadian trips, President Paul Kagame took off again. On June 21, 2018, he was in Ghana to attend a conference. In total, Kagame left Rwanda for overseas visits 19 times in past 6 months. That is an average of 3 trips per 1 month.

I asked a few people to come up with humorous lines to describe Kagame’s overseas trips. Here are the best four funny 😄 lines:

  1. Kagame has changed from being Africa’s digital President to aerial President.
  2. Kagame made a stopover in Rwanda to change his clothes and suitcases before proceeding to the next leg of his global tour.
  3. While Kagame is chilling in his presidential jet, haters and IBIGARASHA are wasting their time on social media.
  4. Kagame just landed at Kigali International Airport this morning. He is in Rwanda for a 5-day working visit.😂
  5. Kagame stopped in Rwanda to refuel his presidential jet with made-in-Rwanda jet fuel ⛽️ ⛽️ ⛽️.
  6. Kagame is Africa’s chairman so he must keep traveling because his bills are paid by the African Union.