Kagame Government Told Two Biggest Lies Ever On January 8, 2019

President Paul Kagame and his development strategist Claire Akamanzi. CEO of Rwanda Development Board

By David Himbara


On January 8, 2019, the Kagame government told two biggest lies ever. The two lies were made by Rwanda Development Board and reproduced in the New Times.

The first big lie is that Rwanda received US$2 billion worth of investment in 2018. The second big lie is that “the largest share of investment came from domestic investors as opposed to previous years when Foreign Direct Investments have dominated.”

The government wants us to believe that Rwandans were responsible for investing much of US$2 billion in 2018.

Who are these Rwandans that have over US$1 billion to invest in a single year? Not even the ruling party’s Crystal Ventures Ltd has such amount of money. This regime and the New Times have gone crazy.