Kagame Has Airbuses And Convention Centre But Forgot The Roads

Paul Kagame

Kagame is buying Airbus planes, building an ultra-modern airport, and just completed his convention centre to attract 4.5 million tourists a year (up from 926,000 visitors in 2014).

But Kagame has no roads. This is evident from the just published “2015/2016 Infrastructure Sector Achievements and 2016/17 Targets — Transport Sector: Improving mobility and trade flow.” The report highlights the following:

* 65km paved roads were built which extended the paved road network in Rwanda from 1,214km to 1,279Km;

* 83km of national paved roads were rehabilitated;

* 547km unpaved roads were constructed.

There you have it. Rwanda’s total paved road network is 1,279km, of which about 153km are in Kigali, the capital city.

It’s funny that the sub-title of the cited 2015/2016 report is “Transport Sector: Improving mobility and trade flow.”

My goodness!

David Himbara