Kagame Has Landed in Senegal

By David Himbara

Kagame Has Landed in Senegal – the Pilots of his Two Gulfstream Jets Must Exhausted After Landing at Eight Airports in the Past Ten Days Since the Initial Takeoff From Rwanda on February 11, 2022

General Paul Kagame used to be a global tourist who was rarely in Rwanda, until the Covid19 Pandemic stranded him at home.

This has changed – the global tourist is back. Kagame has been a busy traveller landing at eight airports in the past eleven days.

The pilots of his two Gulfstream jets must be utterly exhausted. Kagame’s advance party Gulfstream jet took off from Kigali on February 11, 2022, landing at Shannon, Ireland.

Kagame was then off to Doha, Qatar. From Doha, Qatar, he jetted off to Frankfurt, Germany. Before his next destination which was Brussels, Belgium, Kagame took an overnight detour to Paris, France, and then to Brussels.

Before heading to his next destination, Munich, Germany, Kagame made an overnight detour to London, UK, and then to Munich.

On February 21, Kagame left Munich, landing in Dakar, Senegal at 16h30. Kagame is laughing all the way to the bank – the two Gulfstream jets in which he travels are chartered from his ruling party’s US$500 million business empire, Crystal Ventures Ltd.

Will Kagame head back to Rwanda from Senegal?

Stay tuned.