Kagame Has Scored Own Goal

By David Himbara

Scoring “own goal” is considered to be an embarrassing blunder in every sport.

What is “own goal”? An own goal is when a player scores in his/her own team’s net. Own goal counts as a regular goal.

Here is how President Paul Kagame scored own goal. A pregnant British woman, Violette Uwamahoro, from Leeds, UK, went to Rwanda for a family funeral.

The Rwanda government made Uwamahoro disappear, later resurfacing as a prisoner for “plotting” to undermine Kagame.

Right there – the ball entered Kagame’s net. It was a monumental blunder. In Kinyarwanda we say “nicyasemuhanuka.” The English equivalent of this term might be a “tall tale” which means a story with unbelievable elements, told as if it were true and factual.

Thank goodness Uwamahoro was freed and is back to her children and husband. Now we wait for the next Kagame’s own goal.