Kwibuka in my family: Claire Umurungi

In my extended family in Rwanda we have both Tutsi and Hutus. In April-May 1994, we lost many family members of both ethnic groups.

Our biggest problem is that every year we are forced to mourn the Tutsi ones only. We don’t get to mourn and remember our Hutus ones. To us, our lost ones are all equal and we’d like to remember them on equal terms.

Kagame’s government does everything for the Tutsi’s remembrance but would not tolerate that we talk about Hutu deaths, let alone, organise for their remembrance.

But for us there is no distinction between our lost ones. We are sick and tired of this selective honoring of the dead. To those of you who are supporting this inequality, know that many Rwandans are silently cursing you.

Many Rwandans lost their parents, siblings and children, they care most about their own family members. So when you go out and force everyone on your Kwibuka campaigns, know that remembrance is in our hearts, not in your stadiums.

Claire Umurungi