Kagame Is A Trafficker Of African Refugees

Deal-makers in trafficking Africans – Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Rwandan strongman Kagame

By David Himbara

Thousands Of Demonstrators Gathered At Rwandan Embassy In Israel And In The UK To Remind Him

Thousands protested Kagame’s trafficking. The above picture shows a massive demonstration outside the Rwandan Embassy in Herzeliya, Israel.
Here are demonstrators in London, UK, against Kagame’s refugee trafficking.

The headline in the Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, says it all – “Thousands Protest at Rwanda’s Embassy in Israel Against Asylum-seeker Deportation Plan.” The headline is about thousands of protesters who gathered outside the Rwandan Embassy in Israel to protest against trafficking African refugees. The demonstration took place on February 7, 2018. A smaller demonstration was held at the Rwandan embassy in London, UK.

The demonstrators were calling on Paul Kagame, the AU chairman and president of Rwanda, to stop accepting 38,000 migrants — mostly of Eritrean and South Sudanese—whom Israel is deporting. Israel pays the Kagame regime US$5,000 for every deported African refugee that lands in Rwanda.

Shame on you Kagame.

You are disgrace to Rwanda, to Africa, and to the world community. You will do anything for a dollar, including trafficking in fellow Africans.