Kagame Is Exporting Rwanda’s Public Sector Expertise

Paul Kagame

By David Himbara

General Paul Kagame has established what is known as the Rwanda Cooperation Initiative (RCI). The purpose of RCI is to sell Rwanda’s development model by ”sharing data on Rwanda’s development journey” based on its Home Grown Solutions (HGS). As RCI explains:

”As the single window of access for foreign partners who are interested in Rwanda’s public sector expertise, we offer multiple mechanisms to discover the Rwanda development journey.

RCI has three programs. In Program #1, RCI offers study visits to foreigners who wish to ”discover how home grown solutions changed lives of many Rwandans.”

Program #2 is delivered by Rwanda’s center of excellence which offers “online and on-site trainings on principles behind Rwanda home grown solutions.”

Program #3. is implemented by Home Grown Solutions advisory framework whereby RCI avails ”Rwanda public expertise for your own development journey.”

Lord have mercy. Some naive African country is going to fall for this delusional artful deception.😂