Kagame is forcing Rusesabagina write a letter asking for a pardon so that he can release him

In a shocking turn of events, reports from Rwanda are confirming that the government has forced Paul Rusesabagina, the imprisoned hotelier and activist, to write a letter seeking pardon from President Kagame. This move comes after mounting pressure from various parties, including an American negotiator, to release Rusesabagina from prison.

Rusesabagina, who gained international fame after saving the lives of over a thousand people during the 1994 Rwandan genocide, was arrested in August 2020 on charges of terrorism and other offenses. He was accused of supporting rebel groups in neighboring countries and financing their activities.

Since his arrest, there have been calls from human rights organizations and governments around the world for his release, with many claiming that his detention is politically motivated. In response to this pressure, the Rwandan government has reportedly resorted to forcing Rusesabagina to write a letter seeking pardon.

It is believed that President Kagame had initially refused to release Rusesabagina, despite the mounting pressure to do so. However, to avoid the embarrassment of going back on his word, he has allegedly demanded that Rusesabagina write a letter asking for a pardon. This would then allow the president to release him, citing his request for forgiveness.

This move has been met with outrage from Rusesabagina’s supporters, who argue that he is being coerced into making the request for pardon. It is seen as a violation of his human rights, and an attempt by the government to silence a critical voice.

The American negotiator who has been involved in the case has reportedly requested that the letter be made public, so that the world can see the extent of the pressure being exerted on Rusesabagina. It is not yet clear when the letter will be released, but it is expected to shed more light on the situation.

In the meantime, human rights organizations continue to call for Rusesabagina’s immediate release, and for the Rwandan government to respect his rights as a citizen and a human being. The world watches on, waiting to see how this situation will unfold, and hoping for justice to prevail.