Morse Code: Four Easy Ways To Learn It Faster

Can a few Dots and Dashes deliver your thoughts? Certainly! Morse code is a secret code you can use to convey a private message to another person. This secret code language makes you feel like you are in a thriller movie playing the role of an FBI. Usually, Morse code is used as emergency signals in military or underground operations.

You can also use it instead of sign language for communicating with disabled people. You can also boost the thrill of betting against your friend to see who wins on online casino VIP; use the morse code to cheat and snoop with the help of your other friends.

Why Should You Learn Morse Code?

Morse code is a communication skill that many people and organizations use. It has been pretty helpful but somewhat unpopular for the past few decades. But it is a fun experience to have your mystery language to communicate secretly.

In case of emergencies, you can benefit from it to send signals through ham radio transmitters with very little power compared to actual voice. It serves as a golden hand to convey confidential information. Although Morse code has lost its use over time, it is still used by many top-listed clandestine operations.

Learning morse code can also boost your intellect as it requires more brains than other languages. It can also increase your confidence and give you a sense of accomplishment once you master it. Now you have a unique skill that only a few people have.

How to Learn Morse Code?

Morse code is easy to learn and understand if you can spare time. Like any other language, you need to spend a few hours per day to learn it quickly. When you decide to start learning, follow these five steps that will hack your mind into learning faster.

Find a Good Learning Source

Whether you want to learn Morse code on your own or hire a professional, ensure that your source won’t waste time and money. Many online websites guide you through the steps one by one in an effective way to understand and learn it on your own. Go through various platforms and then decide carefully on which suits you the best of all.

Understand The Elements

Familiarize yourself with all elements, including the alphabet, numbers, and signs. Each of the elements has a combination of dots and dashes of their own that you must memorize, to begin with. Also, Morse’sMorse’s knowledge employs the timing rules to decipher the meaning. Once you learn the element, remember to time them correctly for an intellectual message delivery.

Speak It Out Loud

Although morse codes are usually taps of fingers of sounds with some long and short pauses, voicing them out loud is one of the best ways to etch them in your mind. Many experts have recommended this practice to broaden your Morse knowledge. Practice the sounds with ”dit” (dot) and ”dah” (dash) to remember it for a longer span.

Practice Daily

Whether you play a game on Pokies online or learn a language, practice is essential to master it. Learning morse code is easy, but only when you spend at least 20 minutes per day practicing it. The words and line formation require quite a complex understanding, just like any other language, so keep up with your daily exercise.

The Bottom Line

Morse knowledge breaks all the language barriers as it is used internationally for various distress signals. The most common one everyone knows is SOS, the easiest to learn and remember. All you need to deliver is dot dot dot, dash dash dash, dot dot dot. So, dive into this mystery world that will be useful someday.