Kagame Is Not Medically Fit To Run A Country. What Happens When He Suddenly Leaves The Scene?

By David Himbara

All indications show that Kagame is not medically fit to run a country

General Paul Kagame is not medically fit to run a country. His actions and speeches make this very clear. Look at these Kagame bizarre actions in 2019 alone:

  1. At the 2019 National Leadership Retreat, Kagame admitted that he had former minister Seth Sendashonga killed.
  2. On the same occasion, Kagame proclaimed that Uganda wants to remove him from power.
  3. Kagame dared close the common border with Uganda on February 27, 2019 – a transit point through which half of Rwandan international trade passes.
  4. Most recently, in the leaked address to his generals on October 19, 2019, Kagame stated that he will kill suspects on sight.
  5. Kagame is hardly in Rwanda – in 2019, he held only 7 cabinet meetings, versus nearly 50 trips abroad.

These are not actions and utterances of a normal head of state. These are signs of a medically-troubled ruler.

The question is – what happens when Kagame suddenly leaves the scene?

Which army general will grab power in Rwanda? Watch out. General James Kabarebe is a hungry and ruthless man and ran the military for decades. Might Kabarebe grab power? Is there another scenario in filling the vacuum created by a sudden incapacitation of the current Rwandan dictator, Kagame?